Kefir diet: pros and cons

One of the most popular diet foods that promote weight loss is regular kefir. There are a lot of types of diets based on kefir, but for a kefir diet to really help you lose weight, you need to know how it works and what products kefir can and should be combined with. Kefir, as a fermented milk product, may not be used with all products, and it is precisely the incompatibility of kefir and some products that can ruin all the efforts made. The main goals of the kefir diet: losing weight, ridding the body of accumulated toxins, and adjusting physical tone and health. These goals should correspond to the selected diet on kefir.

Kefir monodiet

It has long been verified that the simpler the diet, the more effective and better it is. Because, when dieting, the goal should be set not to learn recipes for a thousand and one dishes with kefir, but rather directed weight loss. If there are tight deadlines for getting into any outfit and sufficient willpower, then you can try kefir mono-diet. Since mono-diet is a very strong test for the body, doctors advise first to check yourself, your health, and arrange a few unloading kefir days for a test. If the body does not strongly protest, then you can sit on a mono-diet. You can’t sit on it for more than three to four days, since this is harmful to the body, and the main fat masses break down during this period.

Types of food with monodiet

Kefir monodiet does not imply the use of a certain amount of kefir per day. You can drink from a liter to two. The main thing is not to exhaust the body, and give it food at the usual time, that is, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you really want to, you can make a break during breaks, a light snack, but, of course, again kefir. Kefir diet has another feature – you can use only kefir or some other liquid foods, but not solid foods. The fact is that the body has already adapted to absorb liquid food, therefore, during the diet you can’t eat, say, an apple. It is better to drink unsweetened tea, coffee, drink another dairy product. If kefir monodiet does not attract, then you can diversify it with fruits or vegetables.

Mixed kefir fruit diet

This mixed type of diet allows you to diversify the diet, which can help sit on a diet not for three or four days, but for a week or even more. The undoubted advantages of the kefir-fruit diet is the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the saturation of the body with useful substances contained in fruits. Kefir diet with fruits allows you not to deny yourself the use of products such as apples, oranges. But with bananas and grapes it is better to wait a while, since it is better not to use them with kefir, and indeed it is better not to eat them on a diet – there are a lot of calories. By the way, the kefir diet can start as a mono-diet, and after three days smoothly flow into a fruit-kefir diet. This will allow you to last longer on it, and at the same time lose weight as much as possible in a relatively short period.

Kefir as the basis of nutrition

If you choose kefir as the basis of nutrition, and not as a diet, then it is worth taking a closer look at some kefir recipes. There are many dishes based on kefir, or which they need to season. For example, salads in which kefir is used as a dressing (muesli, for example), or okroshka on kefir (cucumber or mushroom). By the way, choosing kefir as the basis of nutrition, you need to select in your updated diet those vegetables and fruits that grow in the strip in which the person lives. It is believed that they are best absorbed by the body due to habit. This rule does not apply to seafood. They are very well absorbed by residents of all climatic zones, so you can safely look for recipes for salads with mussels, shrimps, octopuses, seaweed.

What you can not eat with kefir

Sitting on such a kefir diet, it is better to refuse meat, as well as muffin, biscuits, cakes. The fact is that in combination with kefir, these sweet foods give a fermentation effect in the stomach, which is a source of great discomfort. On such an extended kefir diet you can hold out for a long time, since the body is not limited in nutrition. Such diets are good for those who want to lose some weight and cleanse their body without being subjected to the physical and psychological stresses that inevitably arise when observing the rigid type of diet.

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