Carrot diet

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamins A, D, E, K, B vitamins, ascorbic and pantothenic acids, and iodine. Also, carrots contain beta-carotene, which is necessary to strengthen the immune system. Higher beta-carotene content can only be found in bell peppers. The beta-carotene entered into the body is converted by liver enzymes into vitamin A, which is an excellent antioxidant. Thanks to this process, the development of atherosclerosis, arthritis and hypertension is prevented. Vitamin A has a positive effect on the health of the eyes, which suffer so much in computer lovers, and on the metabolism. And the high fiber content has a positive effect on the digestive tract. Thanks to this, the carrot diet is not only effective in the fight against excess weight, but also allows you to avoid a serious shortage of essential vitamins and minerals during the diet.

The carrot diet only takes 4 days. In the first three days of the diet, you can only eat carrot salad throughout the day. For its preparation, two fresh carrots and one any fruit are rubbed, a spoonful of honey and lemon juice are added. On the fourth day of the diet, baked potatoes can be prepared with carrot salad and a slice of bread, preferably not white, can be added. This is where the diet ends. The average weight loss of such a diet with strict adherence to the regime is 2-3 kg.

A contraindication to the use of a diet is peptic ulcer and enteritis: the use of a diet in this case can cause an attack. Carrot varieties with thick and short roots whole outside the salad are better not to be eaten in large quantities, as they contain coarse fiber that is poorly absorbed. When peeling carrots, it should be borne in mind that the most useful substances are contained right under the skin, so it is better to remove a smaller layer. Young carrots do not need to be peeled; it is quite enough to rinse them thoroughly.

It should also be remembered that the carrot diet deprives of the amount of glucose necessary for the brain during the period of its implementation. As a result, concentration of attention and thought process are disturbed. It is better to use the carrot diet not too often, otherwise the body simply adapts to the periodic changes in the diet, and weight loss will no longer occur. During the period of the diet, to enhance its effect, you should not deprive yourself of breakfast, lunch or dinner: it is better to eat more often, but in smaller portions. Refusal to eat only leads to an even greater increase in the feeling of hunger. As a result, the amount eaten comes out much more than if you eat 4-5 times during the day, but in small portions. An important role in overeating is played by the fact that the body notifies of the feeling of fullness with a delay of 15 minutes. As a result, during these 15 minutes, everything eaten, in fact, is superfluous for the body. 

Despite its short duration and high efficiency, from the point of view of consolidating the result, the carrot diet is not as effective as we would like. And there is nothing surprising in this: in order to reduce weight with the subsequent preservation of the achieved results, it is necessary to change both the existing diet and a sedentary lifestyle. But they are often the reason for excess weight. Optimal in this case would be a change in diet, taking into account both the existing individual needs of the body for nutrients and the general state of health. In this matter, only a specialist can help more accurately and correctly.

For independent formation of a rational diet that will allow you to look great and not harm your health, low-carb diets are suitable. By limiting the diet to only consumed carbohydrates, low-carbohydrate diets avoid serious deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, as well as do not limit the choice of meals. The very scheme of diets provides for both weight loss and the consolidation of a new eating habit. Low-carb diets were originally developed by doctors to treat disease, so there is no doubt about their admissibility. Low-carb diets are also developed for vegetarians, which is a significant advantage for them.

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