Buckwheat and kefir diet. Can combine to enhance the effect?

Buckwheat diet is one of the most popular in Russia. This diet is designed for 1-2 weeks. During the first days, a strict mono-diet is observed, and a person should eat only buckwheat porridge. Conveniently, the amount of porridge consumed is not limited. It is also worth noting that cooking porridge is necessary according to a strict recipe. In the evening, buckwheat is poured with boiling water and left overnight. 

Following this kind of diet , a number of rules should be observed: – It is forbidden to add salt, sugar, butter and any spices to porridge. – Water and non-nutritious drinks can be drunk without restrictions. – In case of urgent need, you can eat 150 grams of low fat yogurt or one fruit. – Alcohol should be excluded from the diet. – The last meal should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime. – It is necessary to take multivitamins during the diet. 

The basis of the kefir diet is 1-1.5 liters of fat-free kefir, which must be consumed throughout the day. The most effective is considered a mono-diet, during which you can only use kefir with chopped herbs. In addition, you can’t eat or drink anything, but with a strong thirst you can afford a glass of plain still water.  

There is also a symbiosis of buckwheat and kefir diet , raw buckwheat is coarsened with a glass of kefir and insisted all night in the refrigerator. The resulting mass is consumed over the next day. 

Weight loss on a kefir diet is observed due to the fact that kefir improves metabolism due to its composition. It also improves intestinal motility and is a diuretic. Due to the effect of kefir, unnecessary fluid leaves the body. 

Allowed foods in buckwheat and kefir diets

Like all mono-diets, buckwheat diet involves eating only one product. Buckwheat in a steamed form preserves all vitamins. However, it is worth noting that buckwheat is full of complex carbohydrates, so a feeling of fullness comes after some time. You can season buckwheat with a small amount of soy sauce, but it should be unsalted. Also, during the diet, doctors advise to eat a glass of low-fat kefir or pour cereal with it.   

If you follow a less strict diet, you can eat a small amount of fruit, with the exception of grapes and bananas. This kind of diet is less effective, but more tolerant.  

Kefir diet can also be either very strict , during which you can only use kefir in combination with herbs, and a less strict diet. In this case, you can add kefir to lean meat (beef, chicken) or fish, milk, fruits and vegetables without starch. 

Sample menu of a combined kefir and buckwheat diet

Of course, eating one buckwheat and kefir is very difficult, so nutritionists offer a more delicious and balanced menu for one day. Breakfast : for breakfast you need to eat a plate of buckwheat porridge, plus 125 grams of low-fat cooked meat or cottage cheese, 1 cup of tea without sugar. Lunch : buckwheat porridge in combination with vegetable salad, olive oil can be used as dressing. Snack : 1 cup fat-free kefir. Dinner : buckwheat porridge, 125 grams of boiled low-fat fish and vegetable stew.  

If the feeling of hunger does not allow you to fall asleep, then you can drink a glass of kefir before bedtime. It should be noted that the total amount of food consumed at one meal should not exceed 200 grams. Drinking a small amount of water before meals is recommended to reduce appetite.  

Prohibited foods of buckwheat and kefir diets

During the buckwheat diet , salt, sugar and oil should not be consumed. Excessive amounts of salt in the body trap fluid and contribute to the formation of edema. It is also important to completely abandon flour and fried. It is very important not to break in the first months after reaching the result. 

If you follow the kefir diet , prohibited foods include baked goods, salty, sweet, alcohol, cheese, butter and, of course, fast food products. 

Contraindications to buckwheat and kefir diets

Buckwheat diet is contraindicated in patients suffering from gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as people who have had a serious illness and are in the process of rehabilitation. Also, buckwheat diet is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.  

Due to excess acid, kefir diet is contraindicated for people suffering from gout, rheumatism, rickets, increased blood volume, as well as high acidity. After the diet has been completed, doctors recommend a probiotic prophylaxis.  

How to get out of diets

There is a golden rule : as long as the diet lasted, exactly as much should go out of it.

Having got rid of hated kilograms, some changes occur in the body related, for example, to the digestive system. The volume of the stomach becomes much smaller and so that its size does not become the same, it is necessary to take food in small portions. In the early days of the buckwheat diet, you can eat one boiled egg for breakfast and drink tea. At lunchtime, you can afford a little more food. The last meal should take place as soon as possible, after which you should only drink kefir, milk or tea.  

Coming out of the kefir diet, you should certainly abandon the flour and fatty foods, and also do not stop eating fermented milk products. When leaving the kefir diet, the body continues to receive the sour milk bacteria it needs, which helps it digest food. 

Following these simple rules will give your body the opportunity to continue to feel light and airy.

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