What is the diet for liver disease? – Table number and products

Nowadays, with modern ecology , the quality of nutrition and the frantic pace of life, often those or other diseases are primarily affected by those organs whose functions include protecting our body from adverse environmental factors. One of the most important of these organs is the liver. Doctors of many countries have already noted a several-fold increase in its pathologies over the past decades. There are many diseases of the liver, as well as approaches to its treatment, however, an important factor in the treatment of diseases of any organ is proper nutrition. There is a special diet scheme for liver pathologies. 

Back in Soviet times, 15 major diets were developed that are used for various diseases and pathological conditions. Liver diseases on this list correspond to diet number 5. The essence of this diet is reduced to several points:   

– It is necessary to increase the protein content in the diet to restore the affected liver and prevent the accumulation of fat in its cells (fatty degeneration). The amount of protein should be at least 1.8-2 g per kilogram of your weight;

– The fat content must be reduced – for their effective digestion, a lot of bile is produced by the liver, which creates an increased functional load on the liver, while it is necessary to create conditions for the rest of the liver;

– Increase the content of carbohydrates in the diet, since, in view of reducing the amount of fat, it is carbohydrates that become the main source of energy for the body;

– The amount of salt, spicy and spicy substances is reduced – they cause redistribution of blood and retain fluid in the body, thereby creating conditions for liver edema;

– It is necessary to introduce into the diet generally useful and hepatoprotective substances – vitamins, trace elements, phospholipids.

Thus, based on the foregoing, it is possible to distinguish foods that are allowed by diet number 5 and those that are strictly forbidden to it. 

The first includes dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, kefir) – not more than 200 g per day, lean meat (beef), poultry, fish, vegetable soups, cereals (preferably on water), pasta, soft boiled eggs, fruits and berries (with the exception of acidic varieties), jam, but not more than 70 g per day, greens. Bread can be eaten only yesterday, it can be replaced with crackers. It is also allowed to eat freshly baked buns twice a week, but the dough should be special – practically not contain fat.   

All these products either do not affect the liver, which remains in a state of functional rest and at the same time heals faster, or contain the necessary substances in its composition that accelerate the healing processes of the organ. The duration of such a meal and a more accurate menu is calculated individually by the doctor.  

There are also products that are prohibited for use when diet number 5. It will be useful to know their list for those who are not prescribed a diet, but there are problems with the liver – excluding them from the diet you can prevent serious consequences. First of all, it is alcohol, fried and smoked dishes – they contain toxins that neutralize the liver. A diseased organ may not be able to cope with this task. It is also not recommended to use canned food, fatty dishes, hard-boiled yolk, garlic, sorrel, mushrooms, legumes, cocoa and chocolate. All these products are more or less choleretic, that is, they stimulate the secretion and formation of bile, which once again loads the liver and interferes with its healing. 

The liver is a very important and versatile organ of our body, its diseases adversely affect all body systems. Therefore, proper medical nutrition in combination with adequate treatment will allow you to stay healthy for many years. 

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