What is chronodiet and what does it eat

The problem of excess weight sooner or later confronts the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants. That is why more and more new types and types of diets are being developed, healthy eating programs that are suitable for each individual person, their physiological parameters, needs, willpower and weight category. Diets are complex, consisting of several stages, mono-diets, diets with a restriction of carbohydrate products, as well as chrono-diets. Chrono-diet (or chrono-nutrition, that is, time-based nutrition) was developed by the French nutritionist Alan Delabo in 1986. Almost immediately, followers of this diet appeared all over the world, literature on this topic appeared, and similar types of nutrition began to be developed.

Such a high popularity of chronodiet is explained by the fact that this is not a diet in the general sense, as it has no restrictions on any products, does not recommend eating any specific food. Chronodiet is based on planning your own nutrition. A man, instead of struggling with the shortcomings and desires of his body, begins to control them, and therefore its effect appears. The essence of Delabo chrono diet is to eat food at the time of day when it is most useful and needed by the body. The idea is quite logical and simple. The fact is that human life is subject to certain biorhythms and biological clocks. And if you eat according to the movement of these biorhythms, leaving in the past addiction to fast food and snacks on the go, then the extra pounds will go away themselves, and the person will not exhaust himself with heavy diets.

Besides the fact that chronodiet helps to lose weight, it also helps to form a proportional figure and normalize the rhythm of life. Therefore, the body simply ceases to store fat, completely processing food. The basic principle of this food system is constancy. Chronodiet is not limited in time, it needs to be followed all life. Normalized nutrition will not only allow you to lose weight, but also improve your overall health. The risk of getting diabetes is significantly reduced, as well as blood pressure and the amount of cholesterol in the vessels. Of course, this does not mean that everything is possible in an unlimited amount, the main thing is that on time. Nutrition should be balanced, proper.

Chronodiet advises to pay special attention to breakfast and lunch. These meals must be present. Breakfast can be plentiful, hearty, nutritious, including meat, butter, bread, cheese. Everything containing sugar should be put aside until dinner, when you can eat chocolate, fruits, salads. At lunchtime, foods that are high in fiber and vegetable fats (such as salads with olive oil), fish, meat, eggs, pasta, and rice are best. Dinner should consist of one dish, it is better that it does not include pastries. It must be ensured that breakfast, lunch and dinner always take place at the same time. After two weeks of such nutrition, the body will adapt to such a routine, and in between meals it will not pull to eat anything useless.

Chronodiet is based, as already mentioned, on the biological processes that occur in the body. You need to eat tightly in the morning, because it is in the first half of the day that the maximum amount of enzymes such as insulin, which is responsible for the production of sugar, lipase, which helps to process fats, is responsible for maintaining the cell walls, and the proteolytic enzyme necessary for the absorption of proteins are secreted. The proteolytic enzyme is also produced at lunchtime, so you can also eat protein-rich foods for lunch. But in the evening it is better to refrain from everything that contains proteins. After five in the evening, insulin production increases, which is necessary as compensation for the accumulated fatigue per day. 

Because chrono-diet involves eating for dinner or salad, or a small portion of nuts. You can eat pistachios, walnuts or hazelnuts. They contain many useful substances, and will help to get enough without overeating. Also in the evening you can eat a little, grams 30-50, dark chocolate. Olives, baked apples, jam, honey, freshly squeezed juice – these are products that are better to eat in the evening meal. The main thing to remember is that in no case should you overeat in the evening, because this is the key to putting fat in the body.

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