What diet is needed for the New Year

Diet for the New Year is not such a difficult task. Of course,
losing weight on holidays is simply not realistic, but getting the whole storm of emotions and
pleasure, and not gaining extra calories, is quite a feasible and easy
task. In general terms, this requires eating less fatty foods and leading a
non-sedentary lifestyle during the holidays. In order to cope with
this, you need to know how to eat, drink and cook properly. Indeed, it is on the
holidays that a lot of feasts await a person, both at home and at a

The New Year’s diet begins with cooking. The main
dish on the table during the holidays is all kinds of salads, and the contents of
all salads is mayonnaise. It
depends on which dressing a woman chooses for a particular salad and whether it will be a fatty dish or not. Of course,
the best option would be to replace mayonnaise in general, for example, you can take
cottage cheese and kefir, add salt to them and fill the salad with the resulting salad, but not
many will like such a sharp change, especially for men, because
you will be celebrating the New Year with them. Therefore, you should not take regular
mayonnaise with a high fat content, but a low-calorie or mayonnaise for health.
Their fat content does not exceed twenty percent. And the calorie content of the salad
falls from 30-40 grams of fat to 5-10 grams. Also, the New Year’s diet may
include not fatty sausage in salads, but ham or boiled meat; instead of herring,
you can take mackerel or pink salmon.

The New Year’s diet for snacks includes smoked beef,
poultry breasts, fish. The minimum fat content is in bread, and in vegetables, fruits and
drinks it is completely absent, therefore, the table can be
lined with these products in abundance. If the guests are not received by you, but are yourself invited, then it is best to offer your services and help in setting the table and preparing dishes. If this is not possible, then you can come early and bring rye bread, vegetables, sliced ​​lean meat or fish with you and ask to put it on the table. 

The very presence of a person next to food stimulates the appetite,
so you should not come to the holiday hungry to pounce on food and
then reproach yourself for it. To begin with, you should satisfy your hunger with less fatty
foods: bread, meat, vegetables. If there is no hunger, then you can afford to
taste all the dishes. In small volumes, they will not bring any harm.
You should eat slowly – this rule is known to everyone, and a fork and a knife can help with this. Also, do not refuse to take part in a competition or dance. Such pauses in themselves reduce appetite and distract from the table. 

A fifty percent New Year’s diet requires a change in
attitudes toward alcohol. It is he who contributes to an increase in appetite and the deposition of
fat mass. First, alcohol actually increases your appetite. Alcohol
causes a drop in blood glucose, which in turn makes you feel
hungry. Secondly, alcohol lowers the will, there is even no need to explain anything. Thirdly, alcohol itself is a high-calorie product. For example, one hundred grams of vodka is a quarter of a loaf of white bread. These calories do not cause satiety, but accumulate – accumulate. But for him there are several rules. Drink slowly. The dose of alcohol is approximately as follows: no more than 120 ml of brandy or other strong drink, 300 – 350 ml of dry wine (this is about two to three glasses), 1000 ml of beer (about two mugs). Dry wine is preferable to sweet wine, cognac and whiskey are better than vodka and gin. 

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