Ways to increase potency in men

Potency is the ability to achieve an erection and maintain it throughout the entire sexual intercourse. Here erection plays a very important role . 

Reasons for a decrease in potency

An erection refers to the condition of the penis when it is full of blood and has sufficient elasticity to be inserted into the vagina. In other words, this is an opportunity to feel like a man, to create healthy offspring. In addition, regular sex life is feasible only with full, healthy potency. In addition, sex life improves blood circulation and the functioning of all body functions.  

Unfortunately, at the moment, more than 35% of men are faced with erectile dysfunction, and this is the first step to problems with potency. Also, due to problems with potency, the likelihood of problems with blood vessels increases, and hence heart attacks, strokes …  

To obtain a stable erection, as everyone knows, you need a sufficient amount of testosterone. And if the concentration of this hormone in the body is reduced, then you can not hope for good potency with stop-ed-meds.net. The reasons for the decrease in potency include:

  1. Alcohol consumption. Alcohol affects the testes, which are responsible for testosterone production. 
  2. Smoking. Tobacco contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, that is, blood circulation worsens, including to the genitals. In general, here you really need to choose. Either you lie on the couch with a beer and a cigarette all day, or with a beautiful woman in bed. By the way, for some this is a very strong motivation …
  3. Age-related changes. By about age 50, testosterone production decreases.
  4. Stress, constant work and home work. All this leads to the refusal of the brain to send signals to produce the hormone testosterone. You work all day, the body is already exhausted, and you also force it to have sex. No really! The brain will not do this.
    Stress can also be due to unsuccessful sexual intercourse, self-doubt, fear of something.
    In any case, you need to get rid of this. If not independently, then there are doctors. They are called sex therapists, psychotherapists.
  5. Sedentary lifestyle. The blood circulation in the pelvis is impaired. And all organs of the small pelvis, including the penis.
  6. Lack of sleep. Fatigue … Already described above.
  7. Unbalanced diet. Leads to a decrease in metabolism, obesity and a deterioration in the general condition of the body 
  8. Diseases of the male genital area. And not only sexual. Also diseases of the kidneys, endocrine system, prostate.
  9. Excess weight. The thing is that the fatty deposits in the abdomen “choke” the glands producing testosterone. Also, if there is excess weight, then cholesterol is increased, and it is deposited on the inner walls of blood vessels, impairs blood flow, its permeability through the vessels and blood filling. And as we already know, the penis is also filled with blood through the vessels … there is a weakening of erection and deterioration of potency. In order to check if you are overweight, simply measure the abdominal circumference. For men – 94 cm and more is already obesity.

As strange as it sounds, you can put motorists and drivers in the first place. And all due to the fact that constant shaking, circulatory disorders in the small pelvis, inflammation of the prostate, and as a result, a decrease in desire and a decrease in erection. This is all elementary eliminated, but our men neglect it.

Likewise, inhalation of gasoline vapors also has a detrimental effect on “male strength”, even if in small quantities it does not cause poisoning. And also ice swimming, winter fishing and those who like to sit in the cold (yes, it’s dangerous not only for girls!), Miners, workers with constantly elevated temperatures, such as workers in hot shops … Also, a decrease in potency can be temporary and permanent.  

Temporary: in the first place is the psychoemotional factor and lack of sleep, followed by alcohol, smoking, excess weight … If this factor is identified and eliminated in time, the potency will soon resume.  

Permanent: most often caused by mental disorders, diseases of various etiologies, improper lifestyle. Here you cannot do without medical assistance.

How to increase potency without pills

As a rule, this is a very delicate problem and men are in no hurry to see doctors. Therefore, we bring to your attention the general rules that contribute to increasing potency.

At the moment, a lot of drugs have appeared on the market that promise to renew, increase potency, but they have many side effects and they are not always as good as advertised. In most cases, this is just another advertising ploy by our pharmacists. And besides, as you already understood, the reasons may be completely different and one magic pill does not exist for everyone. Everyone has their own diseases, and each drug has indications and contraindications.

Unfortunately, we do not advertise deaths from taking such drugs. Earlier, and even now, many drugs for potency include such a substance as yohimbine , which is used to treat cardiac arrhythmias. And in large quantities, and for some people it is generally contraindicated. 

Substances such as cartnidine and spanish fly are powerful nerve poisons. Like any poison, it causes convulsions. And in the 18th century, when only these drugs were used, this type of seizure even had its own name.

And perhaps the most harmless thing that can be from the independent, uncontrolled use of this type of medication is the suppression of the production of its own hormone. Because of this, men may feel inferior, and some use such a word as “castrates”. Even if you are confident in this medicine, it is of very good quality, friends advised you, it is still not advisable to take this medicine, because it is not known how it will affect your body.

Safe treatment

The best medicine is to normalize overall health. To do this, you need to add animal fats to the diet: liver, poultry, beef, vitamins of group B, E, C, zinc, selenium. These foods increase testosterone production. Sports and healthy food should also become life partners. And of course you need to give up alcohol and smoking.

Herbal decoctions are also good for potency. Such as thyme, nettle, ginseng. Additionally , small doses of biostimulants, multivitamins, training, hardening and, of course, the treatment of acute and chronic diseases are safe for our body. 

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At the moment, pharmaceutical companies are thriving and you can pick up any multivitamin. The ones that are right for you. Those that contain substances that are not enough in your body: containing magnesium, potassium, calcium, fluoride, iron.

Many substances that have long been used to enhance immunity, enhance metabolism, increase potency. Now they are called biostimulants: lemongrass, ginseng, eleutherococcus , golden root, nettle …

After all, our body is a harmonious system, and if something goes wrong, then the whole body suffers. Improving the general condition of the body will also have a positive effect on the quality of intimate life.

But we have such a mentality that the more the better. It’s like you drink, brew tea or herbs, drink multivitamins, biostimulants or special pills for potency. Everything has its dose. For example, the same harmless biostimulants in high doses can cause insomnia , overexcitation, neuroses, breakdowns, apathy ..     

Increasing potency by physical methods.

  1. Scrotum and testicles massage. Helps to boost immunity, improves digestion, calms the nervous system, increases testosterone.  
  2. Exercise to increase erection. Correction of premature ejaculation, prevention of prostatitis, tones up an erection.
  3. Kegel exercises. Influence on PC – muscles (love muscles), influence on the duration of sexual intercourse, treatment of prostatitis. 
  4. Massage to increase potency. The method, which was used in Eastern medicine, is very simple, capable of reflexively improving potency.

Not everything depends on the man …

There are many “partner” massages, exercises that couples are encouraged to perform. Also, if a man is no longer a young plus, for example, a first date, some other fears lead to crushing failures, loss of faith in himself. Do not forget that sometimes there is no need to rush, and simple care and affection are needed not only for women … And this is much more important than any animal attraction. She can make some effort to normalize her intimate life, if she really needs it badly. In the end, it’s a matter of two. The main thing is to be patient and not give up hope. There is always a way out.

Myths and facts

After taking the pill, it is impossible to get rid of an erection. This is all a myth! Even after taking the “magic” pill, you need to resort to stimulation (caress, kissing). An erection will not come without additional stimulation and will not last either. 

Only men over forty are at risk. Myth! Of course, this is most often, but there are a number of reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction and the younger generation: arterial hypertension (now she is very young), diabetes, various diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In old age, this will definitely happen and it will not work. It’s true!

Aging of the body – it will be with everyone. And as we said above, the body is one whole …

Erectile dysfunction is purely masculine and has no effect on a woman. Myth! There is always a noticeable dissatisfied woman, and even if her husband is all on the nerves, constant breakdowns, only anger … It is so, because the man feels inferior.

It’s never too late!

There are examples in history when men became fathers well over sixty. Take Charlie Chaplin, for example.

Take the same Hercules, but not from children’s history textbooks. For what was Hercules credited with the thirteenth feat? You can’t guess! For the fact that he was able to have sex with the fifty daughters of King Thespius .  

Eastern men had at least a hundred concubines and as many wives! Their duties included not only feeding the camels, cooking, cleaning, washing …

These were the men. By the way, andrologists (there are also such specialists) believe that today’s men also have such power …

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