Urolithiasis prevention: general recommendations, diet

To prevent the onset of the disease, including such a common pathology today as urolithiasis, is much easier than to treat – this is an axiom. Prevention of urolithiasis consists of a course of procedures that normalize the urodynamics of the urinary tract, stabilize kidney function, timely detection and treatment of diseases that contribute to the formation of kidney stones (stones) of various chemical composition.  

Particular attention in the prevention of the development of urolithiasis (urolithiasis) is given to the observance of proper nutritional and drinking regimes. Let us dwell on this issue in more detail.

“Preventive” diet

When a kidney stone is found, a doctor prescribes a special dietary complex for each patient without fail. The dietary regimen, as well as products recommended for use and under the ban, the specialist selects for the patient individually, focusing mainly on the chemical composition of the detected stones.

So, the prevention of urolithiasis in the presence of urates formed as a result of impaired purine metabolism provides for the observance of a dairy-vegetable diet. Useful in this case are vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bread. The consumption of fatty meat soups, meat, liver, canned meat and offal, fish, eggs, cheeses is sharply limited.  

The presence of oxalate stones requires the restriction of any products that include oxalic acid. This is sorrel and spinach, beans, beets, peppers, coffee, black tea, chocolate. You can not eat a lot of citrus fruits (especially lemons, strawberries, rhubarb, gooseberries, currants.

Be sure to include in your daily diet foods with a high content of magnesium – nuts, peas, brown bread. This requirement is due to the property of magnesium to bind oxalic acid in the intestine and completely remove it from the body.

The growth of phosphorus-carbonate stones is delayed by a meat diet. Useful meat, tomatoes, grape juice, rice. The amount of foods high in calcium (mainly dairy products) needs to be reduced. To acidify urine, it is recommended to add citric acid to food.

General recommendations

Prevention of urolithiasis is not only in compliance with special diets and the regime of water consumption. There are general rules of conduct for patients with urolithiasis, adherence to which is useful to everyone. 

First of all, these are the basic rules of the diet:

· Adhere to fractional nutrition, do not overeat.

· Limit the consumption of fatty and spicy foods, chocolate, coffee, cocoa, rich soups.

· Refuse alcohol.

· If possible, reduce the consumption of table salt (taking into account the salt contained in the finished products).

· Limit the consumption of canned foods, including homemade marinades, pickles, jams.

· Be sure to include multivitamin preparations in the diet, use foods rich in vitamin B1 (beans, baked potatoes, nuts, radishes, asparagus, peaches, bananas).

· Reduce the intake of foods high in vitamin C.

In establishing a drinking regimen, special attention is paid to the volume of fluid drunk per day, which should be from 1.5 to 3 liters per day. At the same time, any mineral water, including treatment and prophylactic, should be drunk only as prescribed by the doctor, since the salts contained in them can harm, accelerating the formation of calculi.

Additional preventive measures include spa treatment (Truskavets, Pyatigorsk), physical education classes. And remember that any prophylaxis and treatment of urolithiasis must be previously agreed with a urologist!

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