Tortured eczema? Diet will save you from suffering!

It is sad, but chronic skin diseases of an inflammatory nature have increasingly begun to haunt modern man. Almost half of the world’s population suffers from eczema, psoriasis, and neurodermatitis. And the reason for this is a changed lifestyle, a worsened ecology, a constant stay in nervous tension, poor-quality products, an improper daily routine and diet. Therefore, everyone who suffers from this unpleasant disease has to treat the symptoms of eczema throughout life, trying to keep it in remission for as long as possible and prevent the development of side complications.

Proper nutrition in the treatment of a disease such as eczema , a diet that must be observed not only during exacerbations, but throughout life, is the basis for a successful fight against this chronic disease.  

Nutrition Rules for Acute Eczema

In the acute form of eczema, it is recommended to completely abandon animal products, that is, completely switch to a vegetarian cuisine. It is desirable to exclude not only meat, fish and dairy products, but also any nuts, sweets, berries, juices of bright colors, pastries made from white flour.

The first dishes are allowed to be prepared only on water or vegetable broths, cereals from various cereals – on diluted milk or also on water. It is not recommended to salt food during cooking. It is better to add some ready-made meals. It is advisable to exclude any spices, replacing them with fresh herbs.

In reasonable quantities, you can eat boiled river fish, low-fat sour-milk products, light fruit juices, mineral still water, herbal teas and herbal decoctions. It is advisable to use vegetable oils with food. It is recommended to cook all dishes steamed. Potatoes, fried, salted spicy – are strictly prohibited.

Keeping a strict vegetarian diet requires at least a month. You can switch to a more diverse diet only if eczema goes into the regression stage. Any violation of the rules of nutrition can lead to a sudden outbreak of eczema. Diet must be strictly observed!  

Otherwise, any of the prohibited products can cause an exacerbation of the disease, accompanied by intolerable itching, the appearance of new rashes, and the body’s resistance to drug treatment. It is especially important to adhere to these requirements in the treatment of eczema in children, as their fragile body is most susceptible to the effects of various allergens.

Products for diet in remission

If the disease has passed into a stable stage of remission, the diet complex can be significantly varied. It should be remembered that some types of products, however, cannot be used. These include:

· Any preservation, including homemade compotes and marinades

· Any smoked meats and pickles

Any citrus fruits

Any alcohol

· Sea and river crustaceans

· Fruit juices from red fruits


· Chocolate, cocoa, coffee


Fatty Sea Fish

Fatty meats

· Berries allergens

If possible, you should abandon the frequent use of these products, even if the disease has not been felt for a long time. As for products that have a beneficial effect on the body in the presence of eczema, these primarily include vegetables and their juices, cereals, grains, berries, fruits.

In conclusion, it is necessary to recall that any changes in diet and dietary features are necessarily discussed with the attending physician. In no case can you do anything yourself without consulting a specialist who will help to properly organize and adjust the therapeutic diet.

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