The pendulum diet is becoming more popular

A new study from Ohio State University has shown that the most beneficial for the body are the pendulum diets. Abroad, this type of diet has been nicknamed the “yo-yo diet.” The point of this diet is to alternate the diet. This will allow not only to keep in good shape and not to accumulate excess weight, but also simply to diversify your diet, due to which the well-being improves and the diet is tolerated by a person more patiently. The pendulum diet is becoming popular in countries where obesity has become a real problem for the population.

Doctors say that obese people live much shorter lives than people of normal, stable weight. Most often, obese people cannot, due to lack of motivation, sit on a regular low-calorie diet for a long time. They often allow themselves to eat something that does not allow them to lose weight. The pendulum diet avoids these problems. It lies in the fact that the first week of the diet, a person eats low-calorie foods containing a minimum of carbohydrates and a large amount of protein.

In the second week of the diet, the pendulum will swing back, and the person can eat foods containing carbohydrates and fats. In the blood, the level of glucose rises, which was so lacking in the week when you need to eat low-calorie food. You should not gorge on, the body weaned from such heavy food in a week. The pendulum diet makes it easier to switch to a completely low-calorie protein diet. This method is the most gentle on the body and the emotional state of the obese person.

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