The new 5: 2 diet will help you lose 8 kg of fat in three months

Forget avoiding carbohydrates or detoxifying . An amazing new diet is gaining popularity. She already has quite a lot of fans in the UK and USA. People on this diet can eat everything, but only five days a week. The Fast Diet, also known as the 5: 2 Diet, was developed by medical journalists Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer. It is based on the fact that 5 days a week people eat everything, and on the other 2 days they limit their diet to 600 calories a day.

The Fast Diet book has been translated into dozens of different languages ​​and has become a bestseller in many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. Mosley says the diet was developed by British and American scientists who are constantly thinking about how to help people lose more excess fat, reduce cholesterol, and increase insulin sensitivity. Mosley began to stick to this diet after he found out that his cholesterol and blood sugar levels were at the maximum permissible level. He adhered to the diet in a mode on- line , taking a series of films for the BBC called “Nutrition, starvation and longevity.” The results impressed him so much that he wrote a book about this diet.

In three months on a similar diet, you can get rid of 8 kilograms of fat. Following the success of The Fast Diet, the authors released a new book in April this year containing over 150 recipes for meals with less than 300 calories. A 600-calorie menu might look like this: breakfast – two eggs, lunch – chicken breast and salad, dinner – fish with rice or noodles. In this case, other drinks should be excluded, except for water, black coffee or tea.

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