The antiherpetic diet is a reality

Herpes on the lips is familiar to everyone – nasty painful blisters, which then turn into a sore. Many people suffer from chronic herpes of the lips, which periodically appears, for example, due to a decrease in immunity.

A special diet will help to significantly reduce the frequency of manifestations of herpes on the lips, which should be followed by people predisposed to this ailment.

The diet should contain as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible that contain vegetable fibers, for example, wholemeal bread.

Fats, both animal and vegetable, should be minimized in the diet. It is better to prefer fermented milk products with sufficient fat content.

Minimize alcohol consumption.

It is useful for herpes on the lips to drink a decoction of medicinal chamomile, mint and valerian roots. In some cases, ingesting a teaspoon of vegetable oil helps, it is better than olive oil per day. It is useful in the treatment of herpes to take zinc and calcium preparations, as well as vitamins C and E, B12. From plant extracts, extracts of garlic and aloe, ginseng and sea kelp, primrose flowers have an effective anti-herpes effect.

With regular observance of the rules of such nutrition, you can expect that herpetic eruptions will no longer bother you.

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