Symptoms and treatment of rectal ulcers

Statistics show that a rectal ulcer is rarely diagnosed. At the same time, it is believed that this is due to complex symptoms, which, if the doctor is insufficiently competent, leads to an error. Most often, this disease affects men in adulthood from 40 to 60 years, their share is 80%. In most cases, there is classic ulcerative colitis, less often – a more complex form – a solitary ulcer.

Ulcerative colitis of the rectum

Ulcerative colitis manifests itself in the erosion of the mucous membranes of the rectum, on which ulcers appear. One of the main symptoms of this disease is pain during the act of defecation. In addition, with ulcerative colitis, there are:
• pain in the lower abdomen;
• loose stools, possibly interspersed with mucus and blood;
• a constant feeling of fullness in the intestines;
• wetting and continuous itching in the anus;
• false urge to defecate (tenesmus).

Diagnostic problems are associated with the fact that ulcerative colitis of the rectum is very similar in symptomatology to diseases such as hemorrhoids, malignant tumors, fissures or polyps. Only an experienced doctor can quickly make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
The cause of ulcerative colitis of the rectum is often severe stress, colds or intestinal infections, as well as heredity. To determine an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo studies, as a rule, a colonoscopy, biopsy and sigmoidoscopy .
In most cases, ulcerative colitis of the rectum is treated with therapeutic methods. In this case, self-medication can dramatically worsen the condition, therefore, when the first symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor. A neglected disease often leads to oncology, so you need to strictly follow the doctor’s prescriptions, including diet and regular medication.
An important point is the prevention of ulcerative colitis, especially for people predisposed to this disease. The diet should be dominated by foods high in fiber. It is necessary to limit, and it is better to give up smoked and fried foods, do not eat spicy and salty foods. It is very important to pay attention to constipation, if they appear, immediately contact a specialist. An excellent prevention of ulcerative colitis is an active lifestyle with a minimum of sedentary work.

Solitary rectal ulcer

This disease is complex, and for its treatment it is often necessary to resort to surgical intervention. Despite the fact that it was described about two hundred years ago, the reasons for its occurrence have not yet been identified. A solitary ulcer in the rectum has a scarlet color and a round shape, while the mucous membrane swells, there is swelling and hyperemia . Nevertheless, it was revealed that people suffering from chronic constipation, eversion or rectum are at risk, often trauma to this organ and a sedentary lifestyle, especially sedentary work, lead to the disease.
With conservative treatment, complete recovery practically does not occur. They stop the development of a solitary ulcer and relieve symptoms that are similar to ulcerative colitis, but are even more acute. Typically, a laxative and a special diet of fiber-rich foods are offered. Patients are advised to eat buckwheat and corn grits, sour milk and products from it, only whole grain bread. If necessary, an operation is performed to remove the affected part of the rectum. After a properly conducted rehabilitation period, the patient fully recovers, subject to the diet prescribed by the doctor.

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