Striped diet

Hearing the word diet, many have an association with a low-calorie diet, which should be followed for some time. The purpose of diets is to eliminate excess weight, normalize metabolic processes in the body and improve the general condition.

In reality, there are a huge number of different types of diets that have a different set of permitted foods, a different structure and pattern of eating.

The striped diet belongs to the group of the most unusual dietary patterns. The striped diet consists in the fact that during it it is necessary to observe strict alternation – one day to eat fully and in sufficient quantity, and the second day to observe strict dietary restrictions. In particular, the fasting days of the striped diet involve eating only kefir. According to numerous reviews, the striped diet is extremely effective and easy to follow.

Often situations arise in life when you need to lose extra pounds in an extremely short time. In this case, it is better not to bother the body for days of complete starvation. It is for such and such cases that the striped diet is intended, since fasting days against the background of days of normal nutrition allow you to avoid painful starvation. Among other things, the “white” line of the diet suggests that you can eat anything and in unlimited quantities.

The striped diet is considered very easy and extremely affordable, as it does not require expensive foods to follow. Another undeniable advantage of the striped diet is that it can be used for relatively long-term follow-up, for example, several months.

In other words, while on a striped diet, you can eat your usual food on the first day. On the second day, it is allowed to use only low-fat kefir, and, of course, unsweetened teas, herbal teas and still mineral water.

On fasting days it is advisable to consume at least one and a half liters of fat-free kefir per day. The whole amount of kefir can be divided into several methods, between which, again, preferably, should be equal time intervals. In addition to liquid, that is, drinks, on a fasting day, you can eat no more than two sour apples. As an alternative to kefir, you can prefer low-fat natural yogurt or other fermented milk product (except for cottage cheese) with a low fat content.

The striped diet is considered a balanced diet. First of all, because the nutritional and vitamin value of fermented milk products is known to everyone. Kefir contains a huge amount of nutrients and trace elements necessary for the body. If, eating only kefir all day long, the body does not receive enough nutrients, then it will replenish their supply for the next “normal” day, when the diet will be normal and habitual. Of course, this does not mean that on the “white” day of the striped diet you have to gorge yourself on cakes and fried meat.

In addition to the already mentioned advantages of a striped diet, it should also be remembered that this principle of nutrition helps the body not only get rid of excess weight, but also clear itself of toxins. Accordingly, the state of health after such a diet will improve. People who have tried the striped diet on themselves admit that literally after several alternations of fasting and normal days, they felt a surge of strength, vigor and lightness throughout the body. In addition, women who have tried this principle of nutrition declare that the kilograms thrown off on the diet never returned.

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