Sparing diet

A sparing diet is a specially developed diet food, which is intended for people suffering from any pathologies. A sparing diet can only be prescribed by a dietitian and only on the basis of existing health problems.

The main difference between a sparing diet and other dietary schemes is that such a diet provides a person with a full, balanced and easily digestible diet. In addition, a sparing diet lasts much longer than, for example, a diet for weight loss. The main condition for a sparing diet is a ban on fried foods in the diet. Food can be prepared by boiling and stewing, as well as baking in the oven.

As a rule, a sparing diet is prescribed if the patient suffers from pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the liver and gall bladder, as well as the pancreas – that is, pathologies of those organs that are somehow involved in the digestion process. In addition, a sparing diet is necessary for the development of any disease that occurs accompanied by a high body temperature, which requires the utmost reduction in the load on the digestive system. The huge advantage of a sparing diet is that it uses a fairly large set of permitted foods, so nutrition, in general, is not just dietary, but also very tasty and varied. Due to the fact that a sparing diet involves mainly soft foods, and standard portions are reduced in size, more meals should be taken per day – from five to six.

To give solid products softness, one should be patient, as the food will have to be cooked for a rather long time – boil or stew. An excellent way to cook is baking in the oven. When baking, it is very convenient to use food foil, which reduces the time spent on cooking. In foil, you can cook almost everything – vegetables, fish, meat, poultry.

A sparing diet implies a ban on the use of many spices and seasonings in cooking. In addition, the amount of salt in food should be reduced. To add flavor to dishes, you can add fragrant herbs, lemon juice, parsley, basil and dill. The taste from this will not be greatly lost, but there will be no harm to health.

The food allowed by a sparing diet should not be cold or hot, but warm, when consumed – this way it is absorbed better and faster. In addition, if the disease suddenly entered an acute stage, it is necessary to make nutrition even more strict. The consistency of the food should become liquid at all.

Recently, however, the definition of a sparing diet is used not only to name nutrition for sick people. A sparing diet is called a dietary scheme for a week, during which you can lose a few pounds – that is, the so-called delicate weight loss occurs. The diet of such a diet involves eating four times a day. In this case, bias is done on food of protein origin:

– for breakfast: a cup of unsweetened black coffee or strong green tea without sugar;

– for lunch: 50 grams of any hard cheese;

– for lunch: one hundred grams of lean beef prepared by boiling, thirty grams of hard cheese;

– for an afternoon snack: a cup of coffee or unsweetened green tea;

– for dinner: half a pack of fat-free cottage cheese, vegetable salad with natural olive oil;

– Before going to bed, it is useful to drink a cup of decoction of herbs. Peppermint tea is best.

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