Southern diet

In fact, southern diet – it’s not a diet literally words. This is the Foundation healthy and balanced power supply system implemented C adequate developed by software program weight loss.

Principles of the South diets

The first principle southern diet consists of in the fact that in food necessary use it complex carbohydrates, which contain in coarse flour and flour products. In addition this should include use it as much as possible fruits and vegetables. At the same time from use excluded the so-called harmful simple carbohydrates that included the composition of these products, such as sugar and products power past significant processing, in which destroyed all useful and important for body substance.

In addition, southern diet assumes usage in the food of chicken meat and Turkey, fillet of fish, in specific features fatty fish meat. Recommended ready for use nuts and all cheese varieties, dairy products and fermented milk products products. K by the way, authors southern diet note that low-fat products and fat-free products are not bring benefits the body, so how do they contain fat replaced on harmful ones carbohydrates. However this is a statement does not apply non-fat items cheese varieties or dairy products.

Another principle southern diet – absence of if necessary in progress usage count the quantity consumed data calories. Following South side rules dieting is not necessary count the ratio all the main ones nutritional values substances that are received from food into the body a human being. Basis southern diet – consumption useful and easily digestible carbohydrates and fats. As soon as possible in the body they will begin to arrive just these connections, he’ll start it himself take care about their correct use distribution. In other words, the human body independently decides where to go and for execution what functions “send” nutritious foods substances. And the task of man at the same time provide vo body everything necessary.

Of course, the authors diets do not declare that what’s new IMI system the power supply can healing diseases and conditions on the feet of people. However, the southern one the diet is optimal power supply system for people, aspirants to a beautiful and a slender figure and excellent health.

First day southern diet

For Breakfast — a glass of fresh wine tomato juice; fried eggs from egg whites with fried bacon and marinated mushrooms; unsweetened tea or coffee with an addition Moloka Mala fat content.

For lunch-a small one a piece of low fat cheese.

For lunch – salad from fresh green beans, tomatoes, boiled fillet tuna, seasoned plant-based oil or lemon juice.

For an afternoon snack: half of it low-fat cottage cheese or fat-free hard cheese.

For dinner: fried grilled meat; cauliflower or broccoli steamed; fried tomatoes with with grated cheese sauce hard cheese, cashew nuts and the Basilica.

Second day southern diet

For Breakfast – two hundred grams strawberry berries; porridge from oatmeal or muesli; unsweetened coffee or tea with skimmed milk with milk.

For lunch — cooked a chicken egg.

For lunch – salad from boiled eggs chicken meat, sheet one green salad, tomatoes, herbs the Basilica with olive oil oil or lemon juice.

For an afternoon snack – fresh pear and a slice of cheese.

For dinner – salmon, extinguished with spinach greens; stewed vegetables vegetables cucumbers, red sweet peppers and tomatoes with vegetable oil butter; strawberry with cream or with chocolate mousse.

Third day southern diet

For Breakfast – half fresh grapefruit, cookies from oat flour unsweetened tea or coffee.

For lunch-sandwiches from bran bread with boiled water beef, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, mustard and a bow.

For dinner – oven white meat chicken; stew from stewed vegetables vegetables; fresh cucumber salad, red pepper, tomatoes and greens with vegetable oil butter; peaches or pears with low-fat kefir.

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