Sour-milk diet

There are a lot of principles of dietary nutrition that are designed to help a person lose weight. Separate diets have such strict rules that they can rather be compared with fasting. It is easy enough to observe other principles, but they give a result not immediately, but after a rather long time. Of course, it is better to prefer longer diets, as excess weight is lost evenly, without causing the body discomfort. It should be remembered that the slower the weight is lost, the slower it will return. In this regard, it is worth preferring soft and balanced diets that allow you to lose weight a little, although they last a long time.

Sour-milk diet meets the requirements of soft diets for several indicators. First of all, dairy products contain all the required nutrients, that is, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Most importantly, proteins. A sufficient amount of protein is found only in meat products, dairy products and legumes. Every diet that excludes the listed foods from the diet is dangerous and unhealthy.

Those who choose a sour-milk diet are not threatened with a lack of protein in the body, since it is contained in the yogurt itself. And, in addition, with a sour-milk diet it is allowed to eat meat. Turkey and rabbit meat are best for a sour-milk diet, although, in principle, you can eat chicken and lean beef. A slice of meat weighing approximately 100 grams is best eaten at lunchtime.

It is no secret that many people cannot deny themselves the desire to have something to eat before bedtime. Before going to bed, people wake up with such an unquenchable feeling of hunger that there is a temptation to stop dieting and eating. To be able to resist, you can help the body a little, making dinner more satisfying. This recommendation needs to be clarified. First of all, the interval between dinner and bedtime should be at least 3 hours. Fasting, we must try to supper took place no later than half past six in the evening. In this situation, you can eat meat not for lunch, but for dinner. You can supplement the meat with a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers without dressing. In addition, the sour-milk diet allows you to eat up to five hundred grams of all fresh fruits daily, except for bananas, grapes and melons. These fruits contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which reduce the diet to nothing. It is preferable to eat green apples and citrus fruits. Of course, the basis of the diet is low-fat dairy products – kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

Sour-milk drinks

You can drink on a sour-milk diet mineral water without gas and tea without sugar. You can drink fruit juices, preferably fresh juices without added sugar. It is better to drink apple juice unclarified, because in the process of clarification all useful substances come out of it.

Fresh pomegranate juice is very useful for a sour-milk diet. It should be purchased in glass jars. Before use, it can be diluted with boiled water, as the juice is concentrated and sour. You need to drink half a glass of pomegranate juice after each meal.

Dairy Diet Duration

In total, at least two liters of drink should be consumed per day during the diet. The basic rule is that fruit juices should be half this amount. In this case, the body will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals, given that carbohydrates enter the body in limited quantities.

The abuse of a sour-milk diet can lead to very rapid weight loss, so you should not overdo it. When you begin to notice that you lost about 4 kilograms in a week, you can gradually move away from the diet. On the whole, it’s quite easy to follow a sour-milk diet, since from the entire assortment of sour-milk products, everyone, for sure, will be able to choose something most suitable for themselves.

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