Skin after weight loss

Many women, in order to achieve a beautiful and attractive figure, actively go in for sports, go on different diets and do everything possible to reduce their weight. But as a result of the thinning of the fat layer, the skin on the thinner parts of the body begins to become flabby, and with severe weight loss, it begins to hang down in the form of unnatural folds.

As a rule, such a problem is characteristic after extreme weight loss, severe food restriction or starvation. That is, when extra pounds can be lost quickly enough, while the skin simply does not have time to pull itself up behind such drastic changes in the fat layer.

In order to avoid severe sagging of the skin during weight loss, one must not forget about the benefits of fitness. Especially good help will be strength exercises to increase muscle tissue. Increased blood circulation during exercise will stimulate skin tightening

Among modern beauty products, there are many products that allow you to tighten sagging skin after losing weight. Moreover, for this it is not necessary to spend a large amount of time and money, and many of these tools are suitable for home use.

One of the most effective skin tightening methods is seaweed wrapping. This procedure allows you to saturate the skin with collagen, which leads to a natural contraction of the skin. As a rule, for greater effect, the course of such a procedure is combined with a warm wrap or thermotherapy.

At home, you can take a bath with sea salt (in proportion to a kilogram of salt per standard bath) and then apply an algae mask to problem areas of the body.

Massage also helps quite effectively in the fight against sagging skin. Most beauty salons offer massage services to help restore skin after losing weight. Massage improves the blood circulation of the skin, due to which more nutrients enter it, which accelerates its regeneration. You can also use rose oil and mummy, which contribute to the production of your own collagen in the skin.

In addition to massage in the salon, you can fight sagging skin by doing self-massage. Of course, this requires certain skills, but now a huge number of benefits have been proposed that will help you master the principles of self-massage.

You can also choose an electric roller massager, of which there are a large number now. Such massagers quickly help to achieve the desired result, while the cost of many models of devices is quite affordable.

To combat sagging skin, a large number of cosmetic products have been developed that can be purchased at specialized stores or pharmacies. Creams to combat sagging skin regenerate skin cells and restore the epithelium. Still, entrust the choice of cosmetics to your beautician, it is not necessary to shell out a lot of money for procedures, it is enough to contact a specialist who will select the necessary care product for your skin type.

In order to speed up the process of skin regeneration during weight loss, you can use various scrubs. A rather effective remedy in the fight against stretched skin is a coffee scrub or coffee soap. Unfortunately, such soap is not produced in the industry, but enthusiasts make it on their own. You can make a coffee scrub at home, for this you need to purchase coarse coffee and grind it in a coffee grinder. Then you can add shower gel and a little water to the ground coffee, mix all these components and apply on the body like a regular scrub. Or you can simply lather your body with shower gel and apply ground coffee on top of it. With such a scrub, you need to massage the body for 10-15 minutes, while the chest does not need to be massaged. Next, the scrub should be washed off with water, and you need to use a contrast shower for this, which in itself helps to improve blood circulation and restore the skin.

Despite all the remedies described in this article, they are only auxiliary in nature, and if you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, you cannot avoid sagging skin. Therefore, one more piece of advice – lose weight slowly, do not strive at all costs to lose a lot of weight quickly. You will be surprised, but physiological is weight loss from 2 to 4 kg per month!

The main thing is to be in the process, do not forget about skin procedures, play sports, do not overeat, but do not starve yourself, drink enough fluids.

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