Scientists have named the top 3 most dangerous diets for health

The desire to have a slim figure through a balanced and healthy diet is welcome. However, along the way, it is easy to make dangerous health mistakes when choosing the “miracle diet”. The most harmful of them were named by American researchers.

According to the authors of diets, it is their “invention” that is effective for losing weight. And, of course, not one of them has yet recognized that copyright methods of losing weight can be dangerous to health, and sometimes to life.

Researchers from New York University have selected and named the most harmful of the “novelty diet” of 2013. The honorable first place on this list was taken by the diet – “magical fasting”.

The principle of this diet is that during the week you need to eat only one type of food, and only healthy, for example, fruit and vegetable smoothies or fresh juices, which seems to lead to weight loss and “magic” detoxification of the whole body.

But as scientists from New York noted, our intestines and liver are more effective filters for toxins than a glass of cabbage or beetroot juice. In addition, adherence to such a diet is fraught with a lack of fats and proteins necessary for the body.

The second most harmful diet is a low-carb, high-protein diet. According to the authors of the diet, the body spends more energy and time for the assimilation of protein than for the processing of carbohydrates. As a result, appetite worsens and energy costs increase.

The third place was taken by the diet, which recommends reducing the calorie content of the daily diet by 25%. So, if an adult woman needs at least 2,000 kcal per day, then 1,500 should not be exceeded.

Such a diet is dangerous for the banal chronic malnutrition, and as a consequence of the deterioration of the basic functions of the body. In addition, the body “frightened” by hunger will quickly make up for the loss in weight after completing a course of such a diet. 

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