“Salty” questions of dietetics

“Diet”, “lose weight”, “extra pounds”, “healthy foods” … How often do you hear these words? Men can still think and hesitate with an answer, but women will surely say: “Every day!”. Alas and ah, but in our world , nutritional issues have really become topical, widely discussed, relevant. No matter how many works are written on this topic, no matter how widely the problem is covered in the media, we do not cease to be interested in: what, when, how, why, why, how much you need to eat in order not to gain the notorious “extra” pounds or get rid of extra centimeters at the waist.  

For example, are salt-free diets good or bad? How much salt can you eat per day? What foods contain the most nutrients that are beneficial to the body? Let’s look at these points again.

“Harmful” salt

Many nutritional issues relate to the need to avoid salt. Many diets exclude it from the diet. And why is this happening and is it possible to eliminate salt from your diet at all?  

According to one version, a person needs salt only in order to sharpen the taste sensations, that is, to make dishes tastier. For the rest, salt does not bring any benefit and the body can do without it. The adherents of this theory argue that the amount of salt required for daily consumption, namely 9-12 grams per day, can be obtained from cereals, vegetables, meat, herbs, bread. In addition, an excess of salt in the body negatively affects the condition of the joints, the function of internal organs, the work of almost all important systems.

In a certain sense of the word, this statement is really true – if you wish, you must and can refuse to consume salt for good. And such a weight loss, so desired for many, will certainly come. An example of this is the experience of people who have switched to a strict vegetarian and raw food diet.

In addition, you can “salt” dishes with many natural products that are not hazardous to health. These include, for example, some spices, herbs (parsley, cilantro, dill), lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce. Tarragon is considered an excellent substitute for salt, which, even when dried, has a slightly salty taste. The listed products give the dishes a rich taste, induce appetite, and saturate the body with useful acids.

If fresh food seems completely indigestible, it is recommended to replace table kitchen salt with natural salt – sea or rock salt. Unlike kitchen salt, the content of sodium chloride in it is much less, but magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, chlorine is much more. In addition, natural salt contains iodine – an essential element necessary for the normal functioning of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

Useful salt

While nutritionists of all stripes convince us of the efficacy and safety of perpetual salt-free diets, doctors are sounding the alarm. The human body cannot completely do without salt!

This does not mean, of course, that you need to “lean” on different pickles and marinades. But if there is a lack of salt in the body, and along with it, those essential components that are directly involved in all (!) Internal processes, this will immediately affect the state of the cardiovascular system, the work of the heart, central nervous system, and brain.

That is, you need to treat nutrition issues wisely. On the one hand, it is necessary not to allow an excess of salt in the body, on the other hand, in no case should it be deleted from the diet for a long time. If we talk about the numerous salt-free diets that really show good results in weight loss, then they must be adhered to for no more than 5-7 days.

Experts who are versed in nutritional issues assure that a pinch of sea or rock salt, eaten every day, not only will not harm your health, but will also be useful. This is especially true for people suffering from hypotension or having an asthenic physique. As for losing / gaining weight, then the reasonable consumption of natural salt is not reflected in this moment.  

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