Rice Cooker for Diet: Assistant or Fifth Wheel in a Cart?

The popularity and effectiveness of rice diets sooner or later makes those who want to lose extra pounds think about buying a rice cooker . This device not only significantly reduces the cooking time, but also preserves the energy value and useful properties of a unique food product.

The demand for a household appliance is also due to the ability to cook with it rice of different textures and types – hard, soft, unpeeled, sushi, soups and cereals. There are devices on sale equipped with options such as steaming, porridge cycle, consistency regulator. You can cook delicious, healthy food without spending an extra minute in the kitchen.

A slightly skeptical attitude towards rice cookers is shown by supporters of traditional cooking methods, who are accustomed to following the entire cooking process, preferring not to leave the stove even for a second. It cannot be otherwise, because it is worth missing the moment when the rice in the pan burns or is overcooked, and there are hardly any who want to try such a culinary masterpiece. With a rice cooker , everything is much easier.

What is a rice cooker capable of?

The main structural components of the device are an electric heating element, a body and a bowl. The “chip” of the device is in the automatic control of cooking time and food temperature. Compared to the first analogues of rice cookers that appeared in the 30s of the last century, modern appliances have electronic control and additional options:

  • Fast cooking, significantly reducing the cooking time.
  • Consistency adjustment. Allows you to get rice crumbly or soft boiled.
  • Heating. This option maintains a stable temperature for up to 12 hours.
  • Induction heating.

Important points of choice

The convenience of using a rice cooker is due not only to its functionality, but also to its design. Rice will not stick to the bottom or sides if you choose a bowl with a non-stick coating . The glass lid allows you to observe the cooking process. The latter must be equipped with a steam outlet. The device is successfully used as a steamer, if supplemented with an appropriate device. For the preparation of dietary dishes, it is important to observe the exact ratio of ingredients. Dishes with measuring lines will allow you not to make mistakes in the calculations.

Rice diets differ in different duration of observance (from 2 days to several weeks), and recipes are varied. Despite this, each of them has one goal – to cleanse the body of toxins, salts and harmful substances. The accumulation of the latter prevents the release of fluid from the body, leading to unwanted weight gain. In order for a valuable, moreover, pleasant-tasting nutritious product to effectively fulfill the function of a “orderly”, it cannot be subjected to increased heat treatment. The heating element of the rice cooker does not heat up above the boiling temperature of water, therefore the product is cooked in a gentle mode. The valuable nutritional properties of rice remain unchanged.

The most useful is unpeeled rice, cooked without spices and salt. The famous food product goes well with many vegetables and fruits, fish, dairy products. So, going on a rice diet does not mean limiting yourself to delicious food. With a rice cooker , a diet from a forced need becomes a pleasant regimen, the observance of which does not cause discomfort and spends a minimum of time.

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