Pros and cons of famous diets

Today’s figure fashion trend is dictated by a slim fit silhouette. There are many methods of losing weight, and one of them is diet. This method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of the grapefruit diet

In terms of fat burning qualities, some consider grapefruit to be identical to pineapple, which is actively used for weight loss. Nutritionists have long debunked this myth, but it still persistently deceives many. Here’s what is known about grapefruit weight loss. 

The bottom line is that during each meal you need to consume the juice from half of this fruit. The point is to convey to you the idea that everything is simple in the grapefruit diet: eat and lose weight. But the truth is in the middle: grapefruit is not a hindrance to a weight loss diet carefully selected in terms of quantity and composition, but it does not replace it.

Multi-colored diet, its advantages and disadvantages

A brighter weight loss fantasy is hard to come up with. Every day, diets are consumed – foods of a certain color. Animal fats are excluded, of course, they do not have a specific color. Such a diet can be harmful because it is unbalanced , if only because fats are necessary for proper nutrition, even a dietary one. But it is pleasant in that it will bring a rainbow of colors into your life, different every day.

Diet by blood type

The advantages of such a diet, if carefully selected, are unconditional weight loss, improved digestion. With strict adherence to this diet, complete elimination of food allergies is often observed, which returns again if the diet is not followed. It has a very positive effect on the course of a complicated pregnancy and the fetus with the threat of breakdown and other pathologies.

The disadvantage of such a diet is that it is categorically contraindicated for people suffering from metabolic disorders. It is indicated exclusively for healthy people and only after consulting a nutritionist.

Advantages and disadvantages of the “Kremlin” diet

This diet is known for its high protein diet with the exception of foods such as pasta, cereals, breads, baked goods and fruits. The body gets its fuel from fats and proteins. There is no feeling of hunger, rather high-calorie foods are allowed; muscle mass is preserved.

The disadvantages of a diet are that, as a result of the digestion of fats without carbohydrates, compounds that are toxic to the liver and kidneys are formed, and due to the lack of plant fiber, the digestion process becomes difficult, which is fraught with constipation, nausea and can even lead to depression.

 Pros and cons of eating small meals

Fractional nutrition is based on eating food in small portions, but often so as not to overload and not burden the body with a large amount of food.

The advantages, of course, are in the quality, naturalness of the products. Fried, fatty, flour, spicy, any sweets are excluded. Another plus is that the feeling of hunger does not arise with fractional nutrition, you are constantly, at least not completely, but full, and this excludes overeating.

 But there are also disadvantages of this way of eating:

your work schedule may not allow you to snack regularly;

miracles do not happen: ingrained eating habits take a long time to overcome. You should tune in to a long process. If you persist, the result in the form of weight loss will not take long.

Some conclusions

Diets, like everything else in the world, come to an end someday, and their end is sad. Of course, the diet and its short-term result will remain in the memory, and all the same kilograms will remain on the body that could not withstand the long separation from you.

The condition for successfully bringing weight and body back to normal is an integrated approach: correction of the diet with a constant perspective, moderate physical activity. Of course, such a purposeful action requires willpower and concentration of efforts. But this is better than endless jumping from diet to diet and the painful ending of each, in order to finally “eat off”.

Working on yourself is, of course, worthwhile, but you don’t need to be too critical of your appearance, because there are people who love you just like that. Don’t waste your life on trifles!

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