Proper nutrition for office workers

Most people today spend most of their lives at work. Most often, work involves an 8-hour working day with a lunch break. But in fact, a rare office worker leaves the workplace at exactly 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. In addition, processing often happens, and in this case it is not possible to think about proper nutrition. Constant stress and high nervous tension negatively affect the health of office workers.

Unhealthy diet is a threat to the health of workers

In most cases, office work is associated with the need to get up early in the morning and get to the workplace within 1-2 or more hours. Then the person spends more than 8 hours at work, and in the end he arrives home late in the evening. Many do not have time to visit the gym or meet friends. The desire to be competitive and successful leads to additional stress. Therefore, busy people rarely think about proper nutrition.

Each organization solves the issue of catering for employees in different ways. In some there are dining rooms or the opportunity to dine in the restaurant of the shopping center. But many workers have lunch without leaving their workplace, right in front of a computer monitor. This is the cause of excess weight and gastrointestinal diseases. Unhealthy snacks using baking or confectionery are added to bad eating habits.

As a result, malnutrition, lack of motor activity and sleep lead to health problems. The need to maintain a certain standard of living often results in a lack of free time and a sedentary lifestyle. Because of the habit of replenishing energy reserves with sweets and fast food, excess weight appears. Many workers make serious mistakes in their diets. Nevertheless, the office worker can organize meals as useful as possible and taking into account the characteristics of his activities.   

Mistakes in nutrition under stress and increased stress

Stress is the main reason forcing a person to rush. For many, the habit of skipping breakfast has developed since the time of study at the university, and then entrenched. Many students and young professionals donate breakfast for an additional 15 minutes of sleep, replace breakfast with a cigarette or chocolate bar. Office workers often use junk and junk food, eating breakfast right at the workplace. This is the cause of many diseases of the stomach and intestines. Due to neglect of breakfast, overweight often develops . 

Habit is on the go – another common mistake made by office workers. As a rule, a person who does not have time to eat runs into the nearest grocery store or fast-food restaurant, buys a burger and coffee there and has breakfast on the go. This breakfast cannot be called useful, because it contains harmful fats and a large amount of carbohydrates, including sugar. In addition, the food that a person literally swallows in a hurry is absorbed worse.

Lunch at the workplace is also one of the common bad eating habits. At lunch, the employee is not able to concentrate on the process of eating and is constantly distracted by e-mail or viewing information on social networks. As a result, he does not control the amount of food eaten, and there is a need to eat more.

In order not to harm health, office workers need to rethink their eating habits. Healthy breakfasts are not very difficult to prepare, and for snacks it is better not to use harmful products. The diet of an office worker, like any other, should contain all the necessary substances – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

How to organize proper nutrition in order to avoid excess weight?

It seems to many that the organization of the right diet requires special efforts – the search for products and long cooking. But not all dishes are difficult to cook – for example, boiled chicken eggs do not require special cooking efforts. Not so difficult and porridge or lean meat. And sweets can be replaced with fresh fruits or dried fruits.

Breakfast should be the most basic dish, giving the greatest amount of energy. It is recommended that you include the largest amount of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats in breakfast. An ideal breakfast option is porridge, boiled egg or scrambled eggs. It is necessary to add fruits and vegetables. For snacks, use fruit or low-fat yogurt. As an alternative to sausages and meatballs for lunch, you should choose a salad, a small portion of boiled potatoes, buckwheat and low-fat meat. Dinner is not recommended to be made too fat. The best cooking methods are steaming or stewing.

The habit of a healthy lifestyle begins, first of all, with a review of eating habits. Many get used to harmful products and begin to think about the right diet only when health problems begin. Not only adults, but also schoolchildren suffer from a lack of time, an accelerated rhythm of life, and stressful situations. As a result, many have problems with the gastrointestinal tract at a fairly early age.

Unfortunately, many office workers experience various health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle. They are waiting not only for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but also problems with the spine, vision and joints. Stagnation of blood and muscle clamps lead to a decrease in mental activity and performance. But not everyone has the opportunity to maintain physical activity at the required level.

Serious “enemies” of workers leading a sedentary lifestyle are other bad habits – alcohol abuse and smoking. The list of diseases to which they lead is known to everyone – these are diseases of the liver, heart, blood vessels, deterioration of the skin, teeth and hair. For some, bad habits are becoming a fairly common way to relieve nervous tension.

With a healthy diet without being distracted by viewing mail or reading information, a person is able to absorb more nutrients. The correct selection of products contributes to the preservation of health and mental activity for a long time. Therefore, the question of a proper and balanced diet is a matter of preserving the health of the employee and improving the quality of life.

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