Proper nutrition for helminth infections

Infection with helminths – worms that parasitize the human body, is not so rare. The frequency of incidence of helminthiasis is not inferior to colds infectious diseases. Both children and adults are at high risk for helminth infections. Helminths are not as harmless as they seem. Helminthiasis left unattended can lead to serious complications and exacerbations of chronic diseases. In the treatment of helminthiases, not only testing, taking medications are required, but also appropriate nutrition.  

Methods of helminth infection

The most common way that helminths penetrate the human body is not thoroughly washed hands, as well as fruits and vegetables. Helminthic invasion is possible in contact with contaminated soil, water or any other contaminated surface. In children, pinworms are most common, transmitted through personal contact. Pinworms are carriers of enterobiosis – one of the most common helminthiases.

Another common way to get helminth infections is by eating raw meat or fish. These products are not always subjected to high-quality heat treatment, so when they are used, the risk of infection with helminths increases significantly. It rises even more in combination with non-observance of personal hygiene and insufficient maintenance of cleanliness in the room.  

Symptoms of helminthiasis vary depending on the type of parasites. With enterobiosis, itching in the anus, an increase in temperature, general weakness are noted, with ascariasis, cough and possible allergic reactions are added. It is not so simple to determine the presence of parasites in the body, since the analysis of feces is not always reliable. In some cases, a detailed blood test or ultrasound is required.

Symptoms of helminthiases: itching, coughing, gastrointestinal upset and much more

Most types of worms lay their eggs in the human body and have their own life cycle. For example, pinworms can live 6-8 weeks, and roundworms – up to 1 year. But since adult individuals manage to breed, then without special drugs recovery does not occur. Some types of helminthic invasions can be asymptomatic, and a person may not even suspect that a parasite has settled in the body.

The most pronounced symptoms of enterobiosis and ascariasis. With enterobiosis, the patient has an itching around the anus, which is exacerbated at night. Abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, headache, and general weakness can also develop . These symptoms may disappear and appear again after a while.  

Since roundworms can penetrate the respiratory tract, coughing can also occur with other characteristic symptoms – allergic skin reactions, itching, general weakness, and fever. Ascaridosis can cause the development of bronchitis, pneumonia and cardiovascular disease.

Some types of worms are not so easy to detect, and the symptoms of helminthic invasion can be masked by other diseases. In any case, the parasite destroys the beneficial substances entering the human body. This leads to a decrease in immunity and rapid fatigue. One of these tricky parasites is a wide ribbon that can live in the human body for up to 25 years and whose presence is expressed in allergic reactions or intestinal obstruction.

After the detection of worms in the body, it is necessary to carefully follow all the instructions of the doctor and take all the necessary drugs. But special attention must be paid to nutrition. It must be balanced and contain all the necessary nutrients. And in addition to medications, vitamin complexes should also be taken to strengthen immunity.

Proper nutrition for helminthiases

The main objective of the products used for helminthiases is to create an environment in which the existence of parasites becomes unbearable and leads to their death. Anthelmintic properties are possessed by strawberries or melon juice, as well as seeds of watermelon and pumpkin. Useful for helminthiases and their prevention, and raw carrots, of course, thoroughly washed.

With helminthiases, the body needs a large amount of animal or vegetable protein. Dairy products are recommended for use by patients – low-fat kefir, butter. Sour-milk products have a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Eaten meat and fish must undergo the necessary heat treatment. The best ways to cook meat are stewing or steaming. But it should be consumed in limited quantities – not more than 2 times a week. Rabbit or poultry meat is also recommended. Fish and seafood must be steamed or boiled.

An important element of the diet in treating the body against parasites are also high fiber foods. These include whole grain bread, vegetables and berries. The main function of fiber is to improve bowel function. From drinks should be preferred juices, fruit drinks and mineral water.

The diet prescribed for treating the body from parasites, not only increases the effectiveness of therapy, but also has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora. Thus, the ability to neutralize the effects of pathogenic bacteria and parasites is increased. If you follow a diet, it is recommended to reject harmful foods – fatty meat, salted and smoked foods that adversely affect the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited.

When treating helminthiases, you should avoid eating sugary foods, especially confectionery and dairy products with sugar content. Fast food, as well as all kinds of snacks – crackers, chips, salted nuts, are banned. You should also abandon meat products and white bread.

Feeling unwell for a long time should not be ignored. Some types of parasites may not manifest themselves, but at the same time a person feels bad – he gets tired quickly, experiences digestive problems, and is often ill with colds. Timely detection of parasites in the body is possible only with the correct diagnosis. And following nutritional guidelines is vital for human health.

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