Proper discharge for digestion

The modern rhythm of life dictates the need to eat quickly, high in calories and on the job. Regular “abuse” of sandwiches and strong hot drinks during the day, a late hearty dinner – a source of painful conditions of the stomach and pancreas. The use of a number of enzyme preparations is intended to relieve pain, but not to solve functional problems of digestion. How to help the body cope with the effects of increased “nutritional” load?

Along with the medication course for the treatment of digestive ailments, physicians without fail prescribe adherence to dietary nutritional standards. In other words, in the fight against gastroenterological problems, unloading for digestion is effective , the duration of which should be at least one to two weeks. 

This diet period is considered minimal. In some cases (acute pancreatitis, stomach ulcer, etc.), a longer adherence to the principles of a cleansing diet is provided.

Nutrition Basics

The basic rule of the unloading type of nutrition is a fractional, six-meal meal in small volumes (no more than 100-150 ml). The break between each approach is no more than 2 hours. The quality of food and the way it is prepared are also reviewed.

The ideal “unloading” breakfast is boiled oatmeal cooked in water. A prerequisite for a morning meal is the need to include fats, for example, 5 grams of butter. Daily “snacks” should be done without fat supplements.

Standard discharge for digestion is based on protein and fiber intake. These components determine the list of possible meals for lunch and dinner. A combination of lean meat (chicken, beef, idea) and vegetables is considered useful. Cooking method – steamed or stewed.  

In between meals, you can refresh yourself with fruit. They are replaced by vegetable salads, unsweetened yogurt, kefir.

Instead of black tea, experts recommend drinking a drink made from brewed rose hips, dried berries or apples. In addition, the daily sparing diet should include at least 1.5 liters of clean, still water at room temperature.

Monocomponent diet

This type of “unloading” is based on the use of one type of product throughout the day. Apple, kefir, onion, buckwheat diets (“drying”) have a cleansing effect. However, such popular diets do not represent a completely healthy type of diet.

If the norms of such a dietary regime are observed, the body experiences a deficiency of vital components – proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, these methods of cleansing are contraindicated for people suffering from gastric ulcer, pancreas and gallbladder.

Note! Mono-component unloading for digestion is of an extremely short-term nature, without a long-term therapeutic effect. Compliance with such a diet should not last more than 2 days.  

At the end of the specified time, the return to the previous diet is carried out as carefully as possible. That is, you should follow the rules of gradual, dosed introduction of familiar food products.

The appointment of a fasting diet by a gastroenterologist is an indicator that the patient has a number of problems in the digestive system. Compliance with the norms of healthy, fractional nutrition, the use of specific enzyme preparations help to qualitatively improve a person’s well-being and reduce the risk of developing more serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Reasonable adherence to the principles of fasting diets guarantees a healthy state of the whole body.

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