Proper Diet Protects Against Overwork

Proper nutrition is the key to good health. Many experts believe that by establishing the correct diet, a person can protect himself from many diseases and significantly improve his well-being.

Among other things, a proper diet helps to get rid of the feeling of fatigue and overwork that is so often faced by a modern person.

A group of German doctors have compiled a list of food products, the use of which will avoid the fatigue that so often overcomes a person in autumn and winter.

Food products containing iodine will help to invigorate and saturate the body with the necessary energy. Seaweed and sea fish are especially useful in this regard. In addition, iodine is found in sufficient quantities in foods such as citrus fruits, persimmons and strawberries. In addition, foods rich in minerals and those that contribute to the production of serotonin in the body will help protect your body from overwork.

Legumes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and bananas are abundant in various minerals. Magnesium-rich foods include nuts and baked goods made from coarse rye flour. And serotonin in the body is more actively produced if you pamper yourself with a piece of dark chocolate.

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