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Pierre Ducane is the creator of unique methods of proper nutrition, a nutritionist who has been practicing for more than thirty years and, of course, a developer of a diet with which the whole world loses weight deliciously and easily. To date, about 16 million people have lost weight using his technique. 

Pierre Ducane himself is a neurologist by profession, but once an obese friend turned to him for advice. Thus, Dukan became interested in how to get rid of this problem with the help of the psychological component and, of course, proper nutrition. Ducan conducted an experiment and after 5 days, the first patient managed to lose 3 kilograms.  

Thus began the work of Ducan as a nutritionist. In 2000, Ducane published his first book, entitled “I Can’t Lose Weight,” which later became a bestseller both in France and abroad. Ducan’s diet has been recognized by the whole world.  

Free Ducan Diet Information Sources

Ducan’s technique is described in detail in his book, which is sold worldwide. But, now, after reading today’s material on our website, you can get a lot of useful information. Thanks to the Internet, connections are very quickly formed between France, Italy, Poland, Russia and other countries. 

All wishing to actively communicate and share information, “VKontakte”, where there is already a group dedicated Ducane diet. Today, the group includes about a thousand people who directly share their achievements in the field of weight loss. The group moderator helps with advice on all emerging issues. On various sites there are a huge number of photos showing the results achieved. On sites dedicated to dietetics, there are individual recipes and tips for this diet. It is pleasant to note that all information posted on the VKontakte social network and other sites is often absolutely free for the end user.  

Ducan Diet Calculation Principles

The principle of the diet is quite simple: eat and lose weight. However, there are only certain products. The diet has 4 main stages, each of which has its purpose and performs its tasks. Each stage is labor-intensive in its own way. So, we will stop at the stages of the diet.  

The first stage is called ” Attack ” and lasts up to 7 days, depending on the number of kilograms that you want to lose. During this time, it is possible to lose up to 4 kilograms. The psychological moment is also important here, since observing how extra pounds go, you want to strive for more. During this period, exclusively protein food predominates in the diet. But for the body to function properly, it is necessary to consume carbohydrates and glucose. The body is experiencing carbohydrate starvation and in a state of stress is looking for a way out. The solution is the breakdown of fat cells from which it receives the missing elements. The fat layer is rapidly shrinking.

However, the body can not stay on a protein diet for a long time , since it needs amino acids, vitamins and amino acids. In the second phase, the diet is replenished with vegetables. The fat layer is also shrinking, although not so fast. The body continues to extract the substances it needs from body fat. The duration of this stage depends on exactly how many kilograms you need to lose. For example, if you want to lose 3 kilograms, then you should adhere to this stage for 3 weeks.  

The stage of consolidation lasts about 2 months. At this time, sweets, cereals, pasta, cheese in small quantities are added to the diet. 

The final stage of stabilization should continue as long as possible. During this phase, you need to make small daily walks, sit on a protein diet one day a week, and also consume 3 tablespoons of bran daily. 

Ducan Diet Menu and Recipes

1. During the first stage under the name Attack , the menu should be something like this: Breakfast : – 2 eggs boiled in a steep or omelet with milk; – a small piece of salted fish or low-fat ham; – tea or coffee. 


Second breakfast :
– cottage cheese, bran or yogurt.

Lunch :
– boiled chicken, lean meat or fish with lemon juice.

Snack :
– boiled shrimp or squid.

Dinner :
– boiled rabbit, lamb, tongue or grilled fish;
– kefir.

2. The protein-vegetable phase includes the following menu Breakfast : – scrambled eggs with herbs, tomatoes and bell peppers; – fritters from zucchini; – cottage cheese; – Tea, coffee to choose from. 

Second breakfast :
– eggs of any preparation.

Lunch :
– boiled meat or fish;
– salad of their beans, bell pepper, eggs and canned fish, sprinkled with pepper and seasoned with yogurt.

Snack :
– boiled brisket;
– vegetable salad with lemon juice;
– tea.

Dinner :
– grilled vegetables;
– boiled meat or tongue;
– a glass of kefir.

3. During the third stage, an approximate menu looks like this Breakfast : – cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream; – tea, coffee. 


The second breakfast :
– yogurt, fruits.

Lunch :
– steamed cutlets;
– vegetable salad.

Snack :
– cottage cheese with sour cream.

Dinner :
– seafood with pasta or rice.

We also offer you some Ducan diet recipes :

Recipe 1. Chicken Breasts .
Chicken Breasts – 1 kg;
Mustard – 1 tbsp;
Soy sauce – 2 tbsp. l .;
Pepper and salt.

Method of preparation: We prepare marinade from mustard, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Chicken breasts cut into small pieces and mix with marinade. Leave the meat for 8 hours in the refrigerator. After a while, bake the meat in the oven for an hour.

Recipe 2. Ice Cream .
Oat bran – 2 tbsp. l;
Milk – 250 gr.;
Sugar substitute – 3 tbsp. l .;
Fat-free sour cream – 40 gr.;
Eggs – 1 pc.;
Soft cheese – 40 gr.;
Orange peel;

Method of preparation: Boil milk and add bran, vanilla and sweetener there, continue to cook until thickened. Beat the eggs, add to the pan and remove it from the heat. In a separate bowl, mix the cheese, sour cream and zest and add to the total mass. After the mixture has cooled, send it to the freezer, stirring every hour. After 4 hours, you can enjoy a delicious and low-calorie dessert.

Reviews on the effectiveness of the Ducan diet

Many nutritionists note the effectiveness of the Ducan technique . The diet is designed for a very long period and makes it possible to lose a fairly large number of kilograms and at the same time stabilize the result. They also consider a careful selection of products for each of the stages a plus of the diet. 

The best review can be considered the recommendations of Kate Middleton, who lost weight before the wedding precisely thanks to this diet. Also, stars such as Cheryl Cole, Jessica Zor and others respond positively to the diet.

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