Pearl barley diet

A variety of diets is amazing. If desired, you can choose for yourself a diet that is suitable for all parameters, including cash costs. Without a doubt, the pearl barley diet is one of the most democratic, and at the same time very effective.  

About diets and barley

Translated from Greek, the word “diet” – the correct diet, or, if you want, a way of life. Making a decision to “go on a diet”, a person decides to replace those foods that he ate daily with other, more rational ones, and with their help achieve the desired results. The main task of any diet is to restore health, although, speaking of the diet, it is considered today as a way to adjust your own weight.

Diets can be different: fast, strict, mono-diets, colored, kefir, vegetable and … a huge number of them. There are also “zero” – this is complete starvation.

Before choosing a diet, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Does it make sense, risking your own health to get rid of a few extra pounds. Products used in the diet should have the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients – pearl barley is just such a product.

Pearl barley is made from barley grain. It consists of: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, bromine, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, strontium. An impressive set of vitamins: A, B, E, D, PP. The amount of fiber contained in this cereal is greater than in wheat, and pearl barley is more valuable than wheat. But, the main component is lysine – an amino acid that produces collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and health of the skin.

Pearl barley is considered to be one of the best products to help lose weight. When cooking, it increases in volume by five times, which allows you to “trick” the stomach. This is the most budgetary of their existing diets, it only needs water and cereals. Neither salt nor oil are included in the diet formulation !!!

Pearl Diet Achievements

· Slender figure – for a week, if you do not break the rules, you can get rid of 5 kilograms.

· Stabilization of the processes of metabolism and digestion.

· Getting rid of fecal stones and constipation.

· The skin will become clean.

· Edema noticeably subsides.

If someone thinks that the pearl barley diet will harm the body due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, then his fears are in vain – pearl barley has everything you need. Potassium will support cardiac activity, and iron, cobalt, zinc and iodine will help the circulatory system. Vitamin B, which is enough in pearl barley, will provide protection against atherosclerosis and will establish the work of metabolic processes of proteins and carbohydrates. It is the presence of fiber in barley that “cleanses the intestinal wall, normalizing its work.  

To achieve an effective and visible result, the pearl barley diet must be strictly observed for five days. Between meals porridge, you can and should drink water, tea, coffee, but without sugar.


Pearl barley is cooked for a very long time, so it requires preliminary soaking, it is better from evening to morning – a glass of pearl barley must be filled with one liter of water. In the morning, cook the swollen cereal in the form of porridge and, distributing it in portions, start a diet.

If you increase the diet time by an additional week, you can diversify your own dietary table with dried prunes and low-fat cottage cheese.

However, try to hold out on the pearl mono diet, the results will not disappoint.


Barley is considered one of the most useful among cereals, so a barley diet will not only reduce weight, but will also help with some diseases. Not every diet boasts such properties. Have you made a decision? It’s great, but still, consult your doctor. Good luck. 

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