Onion diet

The onion diet allows you to lose from three to eight extra pounds per week. In addition, the onion diet helps to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and strengthens the body’s defenses, since onions are rich in trace elements and vitamins. The discovery of the onion diet belongs to the French, who are recognized experts in gourmet dishes. So, if you are going to go on an onion diet, do not worry that you can only eat fresh onions.

The basis of the onion diet is onion soup. In addition, vegetables and fruits and sometimes even meat are allowed. Onion soup should be eaten at least 3 times daily, preferably more often. Onion soup is so light that you can eat it even before bed. Onion soup has a negative calorie content. In other words, it takes more energy to digest the soup than the dish provides. And onions themselves are an excellent fat fighter. In this regard, the more onion soup you eat, the more kilograms you will lose. However, other foods cannot be completely discarded. If you eat only onion soup all week, do not last long and get stomach problems.

An onion diet is not suitable for people suffering from gastritis or high acidity of the stomach, ulcers and other diseases of the digestive tract. For everyone else, the onion diet is a great way to get in shape. Strict adherence to the onion diet allows you to lose up to two kilograms in three days.

Onion Soup Recipe for Onion Diet

Dice 6 peeled onions, 2 red bell peppers, celery, medium cabbage forks. If desired, you can add chopped tomatoes to the soup. Prepare a regular broth from vegetables. The broth can be slightly salted, add all kinds of seasonings and sauces, or a bouillon cube. The onion soup is ready.

Diet on an onion diet (calculated for a week)

The first day you can eat onion soup and all fresh fruits, excluding grapes and bananas.

On the second day of the onion diet, you can eat soup and vegetables, which can be fried, stewed or cut into a salad.

The third day of the onion diet – you can eat soup, fresh fruits, honey agarics without bananas and grapes, and all vegetables, except potatoes.

The fourth day – onion soup, fruits and vegetables, 200 ml of milk or low-fat kefir. Several bananas are allowed.

The fifth day of the onion diet – soup, tomatoes in any form, meat. The daily portion of meat should not exceed 300 grams. It is better to prefer chicken or lean beef. You can eat fish instead of meat.

The sixth day of the onion diet – onion soup, boiled beef. Meat again can be eaten no more than 300 gr. In addition, you can eat vegetable salad with herbs. Fruit is prohibited.

On the seventh day of the onion diet, it is allowed to eat onion soup, boiled brown rice, any vegetables of any cooking method. You can drink fruit juices without added sugar.

During the diet, you must drink at least two and a half liters of fluid daily. It is allowed to drink coffee and tea without sugar, non-carbonated mineral water. The onion diet excludes alcoholic beverages. In addition, it is advisable not to consume sugary soda and flour.

In fact, the onion diet has one drawback – the daily consumption of soup is boring already in the middle of the week. In all other respects, the onion diet is tasty and nutritious, the products that are used in it are inexpensive and affordable. In addition, the amount of food allowed at one meal is not limited, therefore, the feeling of hunger will not torment.

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