Oat Slimming Diet

Oat diet for weight loss is a type of numerous mono-diets. In turn, there are also many varieties within such a diet.

Oat diet for weight loss not only positively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract, but also favorably affects the state of blood vessels, the functions of the heart muscle, and lowers cholesterol.

The first option of an oat diet for weight loss involves eating for one week. Throughout the week, only Hercules groats should be eaten. Cooking oatmeal for the diet is very easy – you need to take a glass of oatmeal and brew it with hot water.

It is impossible to diversify porridge with butter, sugar and other additives. But there is one advantage – you can eat such porridge whenever and in any quantities. It’s good if you eat porridge at the same time every day.

The second type of oat diet for weight loss is a bit simpler than the first option. Nutrition is the same – Hercules porridge, but it can be diluted with a small amount of milk or yogurt without fat, honey or fruit without fruit starch.

Indicative menu oat diet for weight loss

– for breakfast: oatmeal porridge with slices of fresh apple, unsweetened green tea;

– for lunch: oatmeal porridge with honey, a glass of low-fat yogurt;

– for dinner: empty oatmeal porridge, a glass of skim milk, half a green apple.

You can drink unsweetened green tea, mineral water without gas, boiled and spring water.

The first strict version of the oat diet for weight loss makes it possible to lose up to seven kilograms per week, in the second option you can lose up to five. The oatmeal diet is, of course, not an easy one. It is even possible that after it it will be impossible to look at hercules.

In principle, the oat diet for weight loss is very similar to diets based on eating other cereals. Therefore, you can replace oatmeal with more acceptable food.

Oat diet for weight loss belongs to the category of unbalanced diets, so before you start to adhere to it, you should talk with your doctor.

Oat diet for weight loss should be carried out several times a year to cleanse the body.

The whole course of such a diet, lasting from five to seven days, not everyone can “survive”. Therefore, often a Herculean diet lasts no more than four days.

In order to prepare a serving of dietary oatmeal, you need to make two tablespoons of oatmeal brew 200 ml. boiling water, let it brew for ten minutes. Such porridge can be eaten with the slightest feeling of hunger. Of course, you can’t eat large quantities of unflavored porridge.

In order not to undermine health during the oat diet for weight loss, it is recommended to add some other products.

At breakfast, you can add half a cup of low-fat kefir or low-fat fermented baked milk to the porridge. At lunch, you can dilute the porridge with natural honey or syrup. Grated apple is suitable as an additive for dinner. If you are not allergic to nuts, you can add walnuts. Between eating oatmeal for weight loss, you can afford one apple or one carrot.

Oatmeal with the addition of other products will provide the body with vitamins for five days, for which you can easily lose five kilograms. If porridge from oatmeal will be used as food on fasting days, then adding nothing to it is worthless.

After the body is cleaned and tidied up with an oatmeal diet for weight loss, it is necessary to restore the energy spent by normalizing nutrition. After the diet, you must include in the diet all the necessary products. Otherwise, the diet will already be passed, and health will be harmed.

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