Mono diets

Being overweight is a big problem for many. In an effort to part with their hated kilograms as soon as possible, people are often ready to sacrifice their health. It is the effect on health that is the key point of all diets.

Mono diets are recently fashionable dietary principles that promise that a person can lose three to five kilograms in just a week.

Mono-diets involve the use of any one food product throughout its length. One of the most common and effective diets of this type are watermelon and apple, buckwheat and rice, kefir and other mono-diets.

Regardless of the type of mono-diet that a person chooses, it must be remembered that if followed for a long time, the diet will cause harm to the body. For this reason, following a mono diet is highly recommended for no more than three days. It is optimal to organize fasting days once a week.

Physicians and nutritionists rationally believe that eating the same food for a long time can do a disservice, that is, instead of improving well-being, harm health. The human diet should be balanced in terms of the content of the main nutrients in it – carbohydrates, fats and proteins. But not a single food product is able to give a person the entire set of these elements in sufficient quantities.

For example, rice, as the basis of a mono-diet, provokes thickening of the bile fluid and the formation of hard stones in the gallbladder, lowers the level of hemoglobin in the blood and destroys vitamin compounds.

Cottage cheese due to saturation with calcium upsets metabolic processes in the body, leads to the development of anemia, oppression of working capacity.

Kefir with prolonged use upsets the functioning of the digestive tract. For this reason, after a kefir mono-diet or during it, diarrhea or constipation may occur.

There is absolutely no protein in apples, which leads to problems with the endocrine glands and central nervous system.

There are no fatty compounds in the pulp of watermelon, which leads to a deficiency of vitamins that break down in fat. In addition, a watermelon mono-diet inhibits cellular renewal.

Carrots can cause yellowness of the skin.

Given the lack of protein compounds, the body begins to process its own proteins, which leads to tissue destruction, since the protein is contained in the muscles and immune cells, as well as in the liver. With a reduction in muscle volume, it becomes impossible to burn fat deposits, since fat is most effectively removed in the process of physical activity.

Appearance also suffers from prolonged mono-diets, as a lack of vitamin compounds leads to a deterioration in the condition of hair, skin and nails.

The next disadvantage of a mono diet is rapid weight gain in a short time after the diet is completed. In this case, the weight gained may even be greater than the initial one. This is due to the fact that the body, in the literal sense of the word, exhausted by a strict diet, when returning to its usual diet, tries to stock up on nutrients, so to speak, “for a rainy day”.

For all these reasons, mono-diets can only serve well if there is a need for quick weight loss, for example, before some kind of solemn event.

If the problem of overweight still worries, then it is worth determining for yourself such a dietary principle that you can follow without endangering your health. Only in this way can you ensure that you have every chance of defeating overweight.

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