Meat in a healthy diet

The relevance of proper nutrition is growing today. Every day, modern people eat a huge amount of foods that practically do not contain useful substances. The quality of conventional food products is deteriorating due to adverse environmental conditions and the addition of preservatives, flavor enhancers and other chemical substances. The fastest food products for humans are transfats, fast carbohydrates, and sugar. They contribute to the development of serious diseases – diabetes, obesity, hypertension. To live long and not get sick, more and more people today choose the right food.

What is proper nutrition?

There are many myths and misconceptions around the proper nutrition system today. Some people think that proper nutrition is boring, others that it is expensive, others confuse it with vegetarianism. It does not mean giving up meat at all, but salt, sugar and confectionery should be replaced with more healthy foods. For example, instead of salt, it is recommended to use spices, and replace sweets with dried fruits or honey.  

It is “boring” to eat properly for those who do not think about the consequences of eating fast food and sweets for their health. Eating right does not mean monotonous, and your favorite foods can be healthy. It is possible to cook meat, fish, vegetables and fruits in an interesting and tasty way, refusing meat semi-finished products and canned fish. 

Those who understand strict nutrition as strict diets or vegetarianism are also mistaken. Strict diets have many restrictions on the health status and age of patients, while eating healthy foods is recommended for everyone. Vegetarianism involves a complete rejection of meat, fish and eggs, and also has contraindications.   

People who eat right, calculate their calorie, protein, fat and carbohydrate rate and carefully study the packaging of products. The less preservatives and additives the product contains, the more beneficial it is. Therefore, today products that are marketed as “organic” or “farm” are especially popular. 

Failure to eat foods containing carbohydrates or fats is also not correct. Carbohydrates such as cereal, pasta or whole grain bread are most beneficial. Baking and confectionery products are practically not beneficial for the body. The same with fats – the most useful of them are found in some varieties of fish and vegetable oils. And trans fats, which cook semi-finished products and fast food products, are harmful to health.

The most useful foods for humans

With a healthy diet, it is important not only to choose the right foods, but also to be able to combine them with each other in such a way that it brings maximum health benefits and ensures the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Products for a healthy lifestyle can be divided into three groups:

  • containing carbohydrates – bread, cereals, pasta;
  • containing proteins – meat, fish, dairy products;
  • containing fats – some types of fish, meat and dairy products, vegetable oils, nuts.

To comply with the rules of a healthy diet, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of animal fats. Most of them are found in fried meat and meat products. Much more useful are foods containing omega-3 fatty acids : red fish, vegetable oils and nuts. From cooking methods, it is recommended to exclude frying, replacing it with stewing or steaming.  

In order for meat and fish to be better absorbed, it is necessary to combine them with vegetables. Vegetables practically do not contain fats, and a large amount of energy is spent on the assimilation of some of them. Among the most useful vegetables are cabbage, celery, zucchini, carrots.

In addition to vegetables, it is also necessary to eat fruits and berries. They contain the necessary vitamins, and they can replace confectionery and refined sugar. But many fruits and vegetables may be contraindicated in patients with chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines. 

It is necessary to limit or completely exclude salty foods, canned goods, pastries from pastry, semi-finished meat products, sweet sparkling water and refined sugar. They contribute to the appearance of excess weight and the development of concomitant diseases.

Meat semi-finished products – cutlets, sausages and sausages contain animal fats. Therefore, replacing them with natural meat is useful for both the budget and health.

Vitamins and other beneficial substances found in meat

Meat has been in the human diet since ancient times. But despite this, meat has strong opponents – vegetarians and vegans, who consider it a source of disease. According to their convictions, a person should not eat the meat of living beings if he wants to rise one step higher in civilizational development.

Meat is necessary for the proper growth and development of children and adult productivity, as it contains not only protein, but also vitamins. The most useful are low-fat types of meat – poultry, rabbit, beef, veal. Pork should be chosen more carefully, as it is considered one of the most fatty types of meat. 

The following useful types of meat are distinguished by the content of vitamins and minerals:

  • beef. Contains Vitamin A, C, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium. Beef has a beneficial effect on the heart, blood vessels and circulatory system;
  • hen. One of the most inexpensive sources of protein with a small amount of fat and a complete lack of carbohydrates. Many chicken dishes, such as broth, are recommended to strengthen immunity and recover from colds. Easy digestibility of chicken makes it one of the main dishes for baby and diet food;
  • turkey. Contains Vitamin A, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus. Due to its high calcium content, turkey has a beneficial effect on bones and joints;
  • rabbit. Rabbit meat is one of the most dietary foods because it contains a minimum of fat and “bad” cholesterol. It is indicated for patients with diseases of the stomach and intestines and various types of food allergies;
  • pork. Contains vitamin B 12 and D, iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus. Despite the benefits of pork for joints and the nervous system, you should choose it with caution because of the higher fat content. 

Cooking, stewing and steaming are recognized as the best methods of cooking meat, since they allow you to save the greatest amount of nutrients. But when frying in a pan or grill, most of them are destroyed, therefore, it is not recommended to eat fried meat in large quantities.

The inclusion of meat in the diet in accordance with the state of health and age of the person contributes to the saturation of the body with proteins to improve productivity, efficiency and proper functioning of all body systems.

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