Low calorie diet

Everyone knows that before losing weight, you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed per day. A low-calorie diet favorably affects the metabolism, normalizing it and eliminating, thereby, excess body fat. That is why many girls before eating this or that product, calculate its calories and summarize their total number at the end of the day. But in order to make it easier for a woman to adhere to such a diet, she needs to know foods that contain the minimum number of calories.   

What foods should be consumed with a low-calorie diet?

A low-calorie diet differs from the usual one in an increased amount of protein in the consumed foods – so that the woman retains a feeling of fullness. In addition, with a low-calorie diet, the diet reduces salt and fat – up to 80 grams. A low-calorie diet consists of the following acceptable products and their quantity:

– Bakery products. It is recommended to eat rye, wheat, rye-wheat, protein-bran or protein-wheat bread – up to 200 grams per day. Products from premium flour, puff pastry, and pastry buns are not recommended.

– Meat and poultry. It is allowed to eat lean meat in small quantities (low-fat beef, veal, rabbit, veal, turkey). In rare cases, lean pork and lamb, but not more than 150 grams per day.

– You can eat low-fat varieties of fish: cod, flounder (marine language), saffron cod, hake, blue whiting, pollock, makrus, pollock, ice hake, Black Sea merlanga, mullet, pelengas, pike, perch and some others. It is recommended to boil, bake or steam.

– Soups. Cook on a secondary broth (first drained) from lean meat or fish. Vegetable soups, cabbage soup, borsch, beetroot soup, pickle or okroshka are allowed.

– Milk products. You can eat dairy products with low fat content, low-fat cottage cheese (no more than 200 grams per day), sour cream – only as an additive to dishes, and in rare cases – low-fat cheese.

– Fats. Small amounts of butter and vegetable oil are allowed; you can consume up to 2 eggs a day, but only on condition that they are in the form of an omelet or hard-boiled.

– Vegetables. Low-calorie diet includes all vegetables in any form.  

– Sauces. Only tomato, white, red, weak mushroom sauces and vinegar are allowed.

– Beverages. Juices without sugar, tea with a minimum amount of sugar, coffee (can be with milk). Alcohol is not recommended.

– Berries, fruits. All fruits are allowed except bananas, grapes, figs, raisins, dates and berries and fruit preserves.

– Snacks. Meat and fish aspic, seafood appetizers, but not fatty and not spicy.

Low calorie diet menu

Based on all of the above products, you can make an approximate daily menu for the day. For example, here is this:

Breakfast: 200 grams of coffee with milk without sugar, 150 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, 100 grams of protein-bran bread.

Second breakfast: 200 grams of stewed carrots, a glass of apple juice.

Lunch: 200 grams of lean soup, 100 grams of rye bread, 90 grams of boiled beef meat, an apple.

Dinner: 150 grams of stewed fish, 130 grams of boiled potatoes with vegetable oil, dill, a glass of low-fat kefir.

The result of a low-calorie diet will not keep you waiting! It will help a woman lose weight, switch to a healthy diet, cleanse her body of toxins, normalize metabolism and improve her health.   

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