Lemon diet

The modern rhythm of life, working at a computer actively contribute to weight gain and fat deposition on a slender body. Quite often, weight gain by a couple of kilograms goes unnoticed or is perceived as a trifle that will be easy to get rid of later. However, the next two are superimposed on two kilograms, and then all six. As a result, instead of an extra one – two centimeters of fat suddenly appear from somewhere ten … As a result, the gained weight is attacked by a sharp refusal to eat, which leads to stress in the body, but in no way to healthy weight loss.

Refusal to eat leads to a lack of essential nutrients and trace elements, which are so necessary for the normal functioning of the body. As a result, there is rapid fatigue and irritability, insomnia, hair and nails become brittle. To avoid this, the choice of diet must be taken seriously. It is better not to look for short-term and strict diets with almost complete rejection of food. Longer diets give better results with less likelihood of quick return of lost weight.

In terms of getting good results with less waste, a lemon diet can help. The high citric acid content helps with the breakdown of fats and boost metabolism. Also, citric acid enhances the secretion of gastric juice, facilitating digestion, and relieves hunger. Lemon peel contains pectin, which helps in regulating blood sugar levels. In addition to these beneficial substances, lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. Therefore, the lemon diet does not cause serious harm to the body, however, the use of such a diet is not recommended for people suffering from high acidity.

The lemon diet does not have any special dietary requirements, but fatty and high-calorie foods should be avoided. It is also necessary to have dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime. The essence of the diet is to supplement the usual diet with lemon juice mixed with water. 

On the first day of the diet, the juice of 1 lemon is mixed with 1 glass of water, on the second, 2 glasses of water and 2 lemons are taken. Every day the diet increases the number of lemons and glasses of water by 1. This continues for 6 days, ie. on the sixth day, 6 glasses of water and 6 lemons are taken. On the seventh day of the diet for 3 lemons, 3 liters of water and 1 spoon of honey are taken, and food is completely excluded. The resulting lemon water is drunk throughout the day at any time. The addition of honey is necessary, as this will avoid weakness during the entire fasting day. 

Then the diet continues, but in the opposite order, i.e. on the eighth day, 6 lemons and 6 glasses of water are taken, and on the thirteenth day – 1 lemon and 1 glass of water. The fourteenth day of the diet is carried out according to the scheme of the seventh day.

Glasses of water with lemon juice are drunk on an empty stomach to enhance digestion in the morning. Water must be taken at room temperature, in no case cold . To prevent the negative effects of lemon juice on the tooth enamel, the mouth must be rinsed with a baking soda solution.

Due to the high consumption of liquid, the diet helps the body get rid of toxins, and if you introduce at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables into the diet, then a strong lack of vitamins and trace elements can be avoided. Sprinkling lemon juice on lettuce and meat during cooking will reduce the absorption of sugar. But products with a high starch content will have to be abandoned. These are potatoes, and various cereals and, moreover, various sweets. Fried dishes will need to be replaced with boiled or baked ones.

As soon as the goal is achieved and the diet is completed, there is an instant desire to catch up and pamper yourself with your favorite high-calorie and unhealthy dishes. As a result, everything that we managed to get rid of during the period of the diet returns, and even with a surcharge. And you can avoid such a nuisance in two ways: adherence to a rational diet and an active lifestyle. The formula is simple and quite familiar to many. However, for some reason it is precisely it that is so difficult to observe for a modern person. The lemon diet does not require any physical activity during its period, however, various workouts can increase weight loss, thereby increasing its effectiveness. 

Eaters need not limit themselves too strictly in their favorite dishes, but on the condition that all excess calories will be consumed by exercise. Ideally, it is best to revise your diet in favor of a balanced diet and the elimination of a number of unhealthy foods. If you cannot independently decide on the correct organization of the diet, then you can seek the advice of a specialist. You can also try a variety of low-carb diets. These diets are presented in various versions, which does not limit their choice to your taste. Low-carb diets are also developed for vegetarians, which is their significant advantage. Even more important for many is the fact that this group of diets provides for limiting the consumption of carbohydrates only, thereby providing a therapeutic effect and not harming the body. After the weight has decreased as a result of passing the diet, it is planned to consolidate the result obtained, which is achieved by consolidating new eating habits. Low-carb diets aim not only at one-time weight loss, as in the case of the lemon diet, but also to maintain it through proper nutrition. That is why low-carb diets have already established themselves around the world.

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