Is the diet of Larisa Dolina useful?

Everyone knows the singer and actress Larisa Dolina, and changes in her forms are under the scrutiny of most women in Russia and neighboring countries. Like many pop divas, from time to time she takes measures to improve her figure, and this immediately becomes known to everyone, because Larisa Dolina is a public person, not only an artist, but also a politician.  

At one time, the “kefir” diet of Larisa Dolina, or the diet of Dr. Saykov, was even advertised as an example of a balanced diet, but then it became clear that this was a diet among many others. And like any diet, it gives the same result – temporary weight loss, after which approximately 95% of those who use it gain weight again, some even with excess, and only 5% manage to maintain the results of “dieting”. And I also wanted to know and tell readers – is it really so useful, as its fans wrote and continue to write about it.       

I will describe it only briefly. It is based on the balanced use of low-calorie foods, primarily 1% high-quality kefir, as well as fruits , etc. The diet lasts 7 days, and then you can eat your favorite dishes, but in moderate doses.  

You need to prepare your body for a diet. For this, a fasting day is used to cleanse the stomach, best of all – with the help of an enema, since the use of a laxative can later cause constipation. You need to eat 6 times a day. Of the products, kefir is primarily used, and baked potatoes, low-fat cottage cheese, fruits (except grapes and bananas), boiled chicken breasts, still mineral water, as well as St. John’s wort, chamomile and calendula alternate daily. 

On such a diet, you can lose 5-7 kg per week, but then the body will gain 1-2 kg even with moderate nutrition, so the result is minus 3-6 kg. If you need to lose more weight, after a while the diet is repeated. 

Half of the country sat on the kefir diet of Larisa Dolina at the peak of her popularity, many now periodically apply it. But what about the Valley itself? 

Recently, she admitted that she simply hates kefir after prolonged use (and I understand her, 1% kefir is just disgusting! We drank it, we know!). From kefir diet, Larisa began to faint, had to call an ambulance, sometimes 2-3 times per concert. Now she is saved from excess weight by a protein diet, but she still dreams of fried potatoes at night.  

What is the matter? But the fact is that ANY diet does not teach eating behavior, due to short duration does not instill the skills of a balanced diet. Any person from a huge variety of diets can choose the one that he likes, and temporarily observe it. But it is TEMPORARY! Because few people without health costs managed to get rid of the stereotypes of nutrition worked out over the years, especially if a person is over 30. 

After all, the habit of a diet, favorite from childhood foods and products has been developed for decades, and representatives of some peoples have been characteristic for generations, almost at the genetic level. And then “suddenly” a “smart” (sometimes very smart and annoying) specialist appears who says: so far you have been eating wrong, but you should eat 6 times a day, and not at all what you are used to. 

Fashion in this business is a terrible thing, almost catastrophic. Hundreds or even thousands of people begin to eat “as they should,” and only then many of them are convinced that the effect is only short-term, since your brain, your subconscious mind all the time, constantly returns you to your usual diet. Yes, and your body, “scared” by the restrictions imposed by the diet, will try to gain extra 5-6 kg of weight “in reserve”. And the “stricter” the diet, the less significant the final result of its application. 

Therefore, to become slim, a diet is not enough, and maybe it is not needed at all. First of all, a person must change himself, his consciousness and subconsciousness in many ways (therefore hypnosis gives such amazing results!). But at the same time , biorhythmic, inherent in most people, must be taken into account , since its violation leads to sad consequences. That is why not eating after 18 hours is harmful, no matter what nutritionists say to us, but we must eat for at least 20 minutes 1.5–2 hours before bedtime (but it’s harmful to eat enough before bedtime!). 

We must not forget that dinner is an important psychological moment in strengthening the family, as often the whole family can come together only at dinner. And this happens (often unconsciously) is much more important for maintaining a favorable climate in the family than harmony, self-expression , etc. It is no accident that in many countries food after 18-19 hours is considered lunch and not dinner.   

Any prohibition (and diet is primarily a prohibition), any restrictions unconsciously include in a person psychophysiological protection. And this protection can very often be manifested in the form of irritability, even aggression, self-doubt and depression. I think that any normal woman knows that if her husband came home from work irritated or angry, what is urgently needed? – right, feed! And you will soon see your beloved in its former form – gentle and kind, ready for YOU FOR EVERYTHING!    

I believe that a person can eat everything that he wants and loves, but at the same time he must understand (if he wants to be slim) how much this beloved, pleasant meal his body actually needs. First of all, you need to learn how to “not gobble up”, stop eating when you are already full. It is useful to drink a glass of water or juice before meals, this speeds up saturation. So, for example, do Latinos. You need to get up from the table a little hungry, because this sensation soon passes. Food, especially your favorite one, must be savored, and not thrown into your mouth like coal in a steam locomotive. In general, eat what you always eat , what you love and what you’re used to, but less, don’t get enough of it. 

It is no coincidence that one of the most effective and at the same time useful diets is the “half diet”, when portions of ordinary, familiar food are halved. Or, as the unforgettable Kashpirovsky used to say, “you need to eat less!” (It’s useful to raise your voice to a scream so that it comes!). And it helped! Why are gymnasts and ballerinas so beautiful? Because from childhood they know: “We girls cannot do this!” And then they keep this stereotype of nutrition for life.  

So bon appetit to you, dear readers and readers! But know the measure!

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