Intralipotherapy procedure for a beautiful and slim figure

Beauty Season is a cosmetology clinic in St. Petersburg that offers clients a wide range of services to help them regain and preserve their beauty. These include care and injection cosmetology, laser hair removal and hardware procedures. Intralipotherapy is especially popular among patients , which allows them to get rid of a double chin, reduce body volume and acquire smoother and sharper body contours. 

What are the benefits of intralipotherapy

The procedure is an injection technique for eliminating fat cells using lipolytics (fat burning agents). This excludes the special preparation of the patient and does not imply a rehabilitation period.

Due to the selective action of the drug only on fat cells, the technique is highly effective. During the procedure, the volume of fat cells is delicately reduced, which ultimately leads to the formation of aesthetically pleasing body contours. At the same time, muscles and skin are not injured.

Compared to surgical methods, this technique does not violate the patient’s usual lifestyle, who is spared from wearing compression underwear and special care for the site of the procedure.

Intralipotherapy helps remove excess fat from the back of the neck, abdomen, inner thighs, and the breeches. After that, you can wear tight clothes again without worrying about fat spoiling your silhouette aesthetics.

How is the procedure performed

Before starting the procedure, the skin is treated with an antiseptic, after which, using thin needles, the Aqualix lipolytic drug is injected under the skin to the place of accumulation of fat cells.   

To achieve the desired result, specialists use Aqualix direct lipolytic . It contributes to the destruction of the membranes of living cells, which ultimately leads to a reduction in volumes at the site of the procedure.

The drug is not harmful to health, as it affects only fat cells. After the injection, it is evenly distributed in the injection zone under the skin, without provoking the appearance of irregularities.

Intralipotherapy is performed on any part of the body, which provides an individual solution to the problems of each patient. After the destruction of adipose tissue, new fat deposits do not appear at the site of the procedure. However, you should not neglect diets, since with an improper diet, fat deposits will begin to form on other parts of the body .

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