Ideal product for home weight loss named

Due to the properties of persimmon, doctors ranked this sweet and juicy fruit among the three most effective dietary products. Its medicinal properties are second only to citrus in their strength. “Those who love persimmons can go on a persimmon diet for five days. This time is quite enough to get rid of the extra four to five kilograms, ”experts say.

Persimmon is a source of a large amount of vitamins, while it contains especially a lot of vitamins belonging to group B, as well as vitamins PP and C. Among the trace elements that are also included in its fruits, doctors secrete phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium.

100 grams of persimmon pulp contains about 65 kilocalories, but due to the fact that orange fruits are rich in pectin and fiber, a small amount of it saturates the body for a long time. In addition, a persimmon-based diet is scientifically proven. It has also been proven that its use contributes to the normalization of lipid metabolism.

So sitting on a mono-diet, which involves eating up to two kilograms of persimmons per day for six days, you can get rid of five extra pounds. Although this type of food is psychologically difficult to tolerate. It is much easier to eat if you substitute persimmon for one of the meals, such as breakfast, dinner, or snacks, alternating between days of such replacements. In particular, on the first day of the diet, you can eat persimmons for breakfast, on the second day as dinner, etc.

But you should be careful, because such a mono-diet can provoke a return of all the lost kilograms, if after the diet you immediately return to the usual, high-calorie diet.

During such a diet, doctors recommend drinking large amounts of herbal or fruit teas without added sugar. They also noted that persimmon-based weight loss is not suitable for people who have digestive problems, as well as those suffering from diabetes and allergies.

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