How to stay in shape during pregnancy

You have been on a diet for a long time, dreaming of losing weight, and suddenly you find out that you are pregnant! What to do? How to proceed? How to keep in shape? What actions need to be taken so that the child has enough of everything, and the figure after childbirth is in great shape? All these questions, of course, excite the future mother of the child.

You need to follow the figure from the first days. If a woman has been on a diet for some time, she needs to review her menu. Not every diet is good. Pregnancy means proper balanced nutrition. Either way, the weight will increase. The main thing is to eat healthy foods that do not contribute to the accumulation of extra pounds.

First trimester

The first trimester is an important period in the formation of the fetus. Lack of vitamins can adversely affect his health. From the moment of fertilization of the egg, the body begins to rebuild, to use all its resources for the development of the baby. A new diet is also necessary for the health of the expectant mother.

1 month

During this period, there is an active development of the placenta – the future shell that performs a protective function. For its full development, calcium and manganese are needed. To maintain a normal weight, provide the necessary substances, you need to consume the following products:

  • Milk
  • Broccoli and spinach
  • Turkey meat, chicken
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • Raisin
  • Carrot

It is necessary to give up coffee and strong tea, they are harmful to the child. In addition, you want to add sugar, which will adversely affect the figure.

2 month

Usually, toxicosis begins at this time. It is very important to follow a normal diet, even if you don’t feel like eating at all. The main thing is not to lose weight in any case, but to maintain a normal weight. If meat and eggs make you sick, you can replace them with nuts, soy or beans. Drinkable yogurt is an excellent substitute for milk. Carrots, mangoes, and apricots rarely cause nausea. For breakfast, you can choose croutons or unleavened crackers. During the day you should drink a lot. At night it is useful to eat a handful of raisins. Cabbage should be avoided. Prunes, nuts and ginger tea are good for nausea and are also good for the baby.

3 month

During this period, toxicosis recedes, the chance to break loose and start eating tasty, but not entirely healthy foods increases. You need to control yourself. If you really want fried meat, you can replace it with boiled chicken breast. Instead of crispy potatoes, it is better to eat boiled potatoes. Ordinary pasta should be replaced with wholemeal pasta, white rice with unpeeled.

Second trimester

The second trimester is the golden time of pregnancy: there is no toxicosis anymore, the baby’s tremors are felt, the stomach is still small. We can say that a second wind opens. You must continue to monitor your menu, carefully choose products, do not overeat.

4 month

advice from this period. Eat protein foods, vegetables, dairy products. Lots of fruits. Exotic ones should be avoided, they undergo special processing. Low-fat cottage cheese in small quantities. Dried fruits are useful for the baby and mother’s figure.

5 month

The principle of nutrition is the same. You need to keep track of how much you eat. To maintain a normal weight, the following products are excellent:

  • Bran
  • Raw vegetables
  • Prunes
  • Hard cheeses

A large amount of fiber and vitamins of groups B, A.

6 month

The belly is already visible. Many begin to eat “for two” and this is wrong, because this will lead to a set of a dozen extra pounds without taking into account the weight of the child. It is best to divide the number of meals by 5 or 6. Give up flour, sweets. You should say “no” to fried pies and sweet buns. It is necessary to continue to eat in the mode established from the beginning of pregnancy.

third trimester

7 month

During this period, the baby is actively growing, the stomach is increasing day by day. It is important to monitor your diet – weight gain during pregnancy depends on this, as well as how quickly you can get in shape after childbirth. Fasting days are not dangerous, but useful. You should not completely deny yourself food, it is better to cook smaller portions. The use of white fish is a must. Lean varieties of boiled meat can be combined with fresh vegetables. Cabbage, carrots, yellow peppers are sources of Beta-carotene, which is important for the body .

8 month

By the end of pregnancy, the weight of the child is gaining rapidly. The main thing is that the same thing does not happen to the mother of the baby. To saturate the body with vitamins, maintain a normal weight, the mother should drink more fruit or vegetable juices. Carbonated drinks contribute to swelling. It is important to monitor how water is excreted from the body. You can record the approximate amount of liquid you drink, how much of it came out during the day. With obvious swelling of the hands, feet, or even the face, you should reduce the amount of fluid consumed and consult a doctor.

9 month

The last and most exciting period, a little more and the baby will be born into the world. The volumes of the expectant mother have increased, but work on proper nutrition continues. A pregnant woman should not look like a globe. The main thing is to eat right, accumulate strength for childbirth. Legumes, cereals, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms – a source of energy and strength for the body. Complete nutrition – preparation before childbirth.

In the last days of pregnancy, it may seem that there is no trace left of the figure. You shouldn’t get upset. The shape of the abdomen, the sex of the child and other factors affect the appearance of a woman before childbirth. The whole path has already been passed. The task set – to preserve the figure and provide the child with everything necessary – has been completed. After childbirth, it will be much easier to restore former forms. In addition, breastfeeding implies a diet close to that observed during pregnancy.

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