How to lose weight without diets?

Do you dream of losing extra pounds and once again looking for a diet thanks to which, finally, you can put on your favorite dress or skinny jeans? Thousands of sites are full of recipes, promising magical transformations of the figure in a matter of days. And then you sit back on the “miracle diet” … 

You starve yourself, torture your body with grueling workouts in the gym, refuse to enjoy your favorite dessert, count calories and keep an eye on the clock so that the last meal is no later than six in the evening.

Relatives and friends, of course , support your venture, but still do not miss the opportunity to play a joke ironically or, as if on purpose, to prepare juicy homemade meatballs for dinner, or to bake your favorite cake. Not being able to resist temptations, you agree to try just one bite, but then another, then end with a portion of dumplings with butter and sour cream.  

With the thought that the diet can wait, and it is a pity to throw out the cake, you drink the last piece of the fifth day with a cup of tea with three tablespoons of sugar and go to bed.

If you recognize yourself in this story not without sarcasm, then you should not be upset, you are not alone. Of course, I’m not a statistician, but I can assure you that most attempts to go on a diet end in the same way.

So what will help to lose weight without diets and stay in good shape for a long time? Welcome to the world of healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and interesting events. Yes Yes! It is interesting events and healthy habits.   

If you enjoy boring trips to the gym and regular calorie counts, then you can only envy. But if you, like me, are not a fan of treadmills and sweaty men in stretched T-shirts, then there is another way, in my opinion, much more interesting. And this way, as I already wrote above, lies through the formation of the right habits and obtaining positive emotions, the lack of which is smoked by smoked sausage or a bowl of Olivier for the next holiday.

Why are diets ineffective? As soon as you think about how to lose weight, then, quite simply, you focus on food and your body, instead of obediently accepting the idea of ​​losing weight on vacation, begins to protest in every way, frantically clutching at each calorie, and put aside on the waist, buttocks and hips. 

Do not think about food, “sitting” on a diet, is equivalent to how to try to forget the former boyfriend, every five minutes admiring joint photos from a wonderful holiday in Bali. Try switching your thoughts from the contents of the refrigerator to other equally interesting thoughts, for example, about a creative project, an exciting hobby, travel or new love.

Thanks to new interesting events, you simply won’t have time to think about diets and count calories, and thirty minutes of physical exercise a day, morning jogging or yoga classes will be enough to keep fit. Having changed your lifestyle, you yourself won’t notice how your overall appearance will improve and your weight will go away . 

Agree, you are unlikely to want to spend the evening in a bathrobe with popcorn on the TV, when a picturesque view of the sea and mountains opens from the spacious balcony of your room. For those for whom expensive hotel apartments are not on a budget, there are other alternative ways to search for adventure, you just want to. 

In the releases of the popular program “Eagle and Reshka”, the presenters clearly demonstrate that even for very modest money you can have fun and travel time, and most importantly, get bright positive emotions that are so necessary for your figure and health.

No way to go on a trip? There are many other ways. Try to at least change the usual route and go home on a different road, and perhaps you will see something new, something that can radically change your life. 

So, if you really decided to change yourself externally, you cannot do without internal changes in this matter. Change your boring and familiar lifestyle, socialize and meet interesting people, find a sport that you like, take care of what really pleases you – and the question of diets, along with being overweight, will disappear by itself. 

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