How to easily and painlessly switch to proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition involves some limitations, although not as serious as with various diets. However, it is often believed that proper nutrition is too complicated. How to easily switch to a healthy diet?

How to switch to proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is not a rejection of delicious dishes and a transition to a boring and monotonous menu. On the contrary, thanks to such nutrition, you can significantly diversify the diet and enter the menu a lot of interesting and tasty dishes.

The essence of proper nutrition is to choose only wholesome foods and cook healthy dishes.

How to switch to such food painlessly? First of all, you need to study information about how to eat.

Fundamental rules:

  • sharply reduce fast food, fried, fatty, rich food;
  • eat often and little by little;
  • stew, cook, bake food;
  • drink plenty of clean water;
  • include more vegetables, fruits, greens in the diet;
  • reduce sugar and salt intake.

Then gradually introduce the rules into life, slightly adjusting the rules for yourself. If you want to eat fast food, cook it at home. Yes, you can cook a healthy cutlet, bake a whole-grain bun and get a tasty and healthy burger. Want to eat something sweet? Cook a fruit and berry smoothie, bake a cake of oatmeal, dried fruits and fruits, low-fat dairy products. That is, it is important to find a substitute for tasty but unhealthy dishes.

In addition, every day you need to drink more water. If it’s hard to enforce this rule, you should gradually add water to the diet. You can drink half a glass, but often. You can sometimes add lemon juice to the water. And you can put a bottle of clean water near the workplace and drink a little during the day. The bottom line is to achieve the implementation of a useful rule in life, but with the least inconvenience.

How to reduce sugar and salt intake? Instead of salt, spices, spices and herbs should be added to dishes. They improve the taste of food without salt. As for sugar, it is worth using dried fruits, berries, fruits, honey. For example, when baking, you can add dried fruits to the dough, then the muffin will be sweet and sugar free.

Food should not be cooked by frying. You can get a golden crust with baking. But sometimes you can afford something fried, the main thing is that it is rare.

It is very important to eat often: 4-6 times a day. This will avoid overeating. Moreover, you can cook at home and take with you to work, or you can have lunch in the dining room or cafe. But in the latter case, you should carefully choose a dish and give preference to vegetable soups, salads, fish and lean meat.

In order to switch to proper nutrition easily and painlessly, it is necessary to gradually introduce its basic rules into life, and not to rush to apply everything at once. In addition, it is necessary to select delicious recipes, and not go along the path of least resistance and cook too simple and monotonous dishes. Then there will be no desire to buy purchased dumplings or cake with fat cream. 

Weight loss with proper nutrition

A healthy diet helps with weight loss. But the process will go quite slowly. But the excess weight will not return, as after a diet. After all, you will continue to eat right, and not again return to the usual malnutrition. 

Losing weight with such nutrition is the best option for those who like to eat tasty food and at the same time want to become slimmer.

You can use any products. However, one must pay attention to the amount of sugar and calorie content of food. So, dairy products should be chosen with a low percentage of fat content, meat and fish should also be low-fat. At the same time, vegetable oils should not be abandoned, despite their high calorie content, they are necessary for health. 

Of course, losing weight will go faster if there are a lot of greens, vegetables, berries, fruits on the menu. But at the same time, in no case should you give up eggs, cottage cheese, meat, fish, seafood.

An example menu can be composed as follows:

  • in the morning: rice with berries, boiled egg, cucumber and tea; or omelet with vegetables, two slices of bread, yogurt, cocoa;
  • snack: smoothie or fruit;
  • lunch: ear, baked chicken, salad, bread, compote; or vegetarian borsch, stewed fish with vegetables, a slice of bread, fruit drink;
  • snack: a slice of whole grain bread with curd cheese and tomato; or cottage cheese with nectarine;
  • dinner: liver pancakes, salad, vegetable juice; or stew, bread, kefir.

This menu is varied and hungry, unlike the menu during different diets. Therefore, losing weight will be very simple.

Recipes for health dishes and figures

Recipes must choose original, interesting. The tastier the dish, the easier it will be to transfer the transition to proper nutrition. Here are some recipes.

Cheese soup

Dip chopped carrots, onion, five potatoes in boiling water, cook for fifteen minutes. Beat with a blender. Slice 100 g of champignon slices, stew. Add champignons, a clove of garlic, 100 g grated cheese to the soup, cook for another five minutes. Serve with crackers (cut brown bread into cubes and dry in the oven).


Dice 200 g of pumpkin and zucchini, three multi-colored peppers, a stalk of celery, chop the onion and three cloves of garlic. Warm onions and garlic for two minutes in a pan, add the remaining vegetables, simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Add the broth or water, three chopped tomatoes, a handful of pre-boiled white beans, herbs, salt. Cook for another five minutes.

Meat rolls

Slice and spin a glass of spinach for two minutes. Cut the veal in portions, beat, salt and pepper. Put spinach on each piece, wrap it with a roll, and fasten with a toothpick. Wrap in foil and bake in the oven or stew in a pan, adding vegetable broth.

Salmon with Zucchini and Pepper

Salt salmon steaks, put in a baking sheet, lay chopped zucchini and two sweet peppers nearby. Bake fish with vegetables. Serve with sauce (mix chopped bell pepper, parsley, orange juice).


Grate the celery root, cut into cubes two sweet peppers and three tomatoes. Mix vegetables, season with vegetable oil and juice of half a lemon.

Cherry pie

200 g of cherries free from seed. Beat 300 g of low-fat cottage cheese, a couple of spoons of semolina, an egg and a spoonful of sour cream. Add a little water. Put the berries in the dough, mix and bake in the oven.


Beat a banana, 50 g of strawberries and blueberries, two apricots and 100 g of natural yogurt.

The recipes, as you see, are different. All dishes are tasty and healthy at the same time. You can find many more similar recipes that can be used with proper nutrition.

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