How proper nutrition can harm your health

Many modern people are confident that they are well versed in the optimal quantity and quality of the food they eat. However, a healthy diet is not always good for your health. This conclusion was made by psychiatrists from the medical center in Detroit.

Recently, nutritionists have identified a new type among the already common eating disorders – orthorexia, which consists in the painful passion of a person to eat only healthy foods. 

The difference between orthorexia and bulimia or anorexia is that a person has no desire to lose weight. Meanwhile, one way or another, the depletion of the body still occurs, but it is caused not by aversion to food products, but by the fact that a person narrows his diet to a small amount of “right” foods.

 In particular, during orthorexia, such foods as sugar and bakery products, milk and dairy products, even animal fats, are excluded from the daily diet. All this leads to the fact that over time, a person begins to suffer from an acute shortage of vitamins, from physical and nervous exhaustion. Accordingly, it becomes practically incapable of work.

Nutritionists and psychiatrists from the medical center are increasingly noting that these are the people who come to them who are addicted to proper nutrition. It is not in vain that they say that in everything it is necessary to observe the measure.

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