Green products

Green foods form the basis of a special diet, authored by American nutritionists. The green foods allowed by the diet are vegetables and fruits, which, of course, are only green. According to the authors of this principle of nutrition, it is green foods that contain the most so-called negative calories, which burn excess weight.

In other words, such a diet includes only food products that give the body far fewer calories than are required for their processing by the digestive system and assimilation. Due to the return of the body’s efforts, the process of losing weight occurs. It is this statement that formed the basis of the frenzied popularity of eating green foods.

However, many experts say that such an assurance is not completely true. In other words, they believe that the result of this diet is based on the fact that green plant-based foods tend to be low in calories, free of starch and low in carbohydrates. However, with all this, green foods of plant origin contain healthy fiber.

Allowed green foods are fresh cucumbers and green-skinned apples, green sweet bell peppers and zucchini, fresh kiwi and leafy green salad, spinach, parsley and dill, cabbage leaves.

In addition to these plant-based green foods, it is allowed to eat small amounts of eggs and seafood, sea fish fillets and white chicken meat, legumes and sour-milk products. In other words, all those foods that are rich in protein compounds and fatty acids.

Daily menu focusing on green foods

For breakfast, it is recommended to drink a cup of green tea decoction, eat half a package of low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese can be replaced with fat-free yogurt, boiled egg with apple, grapes or kiwi.

For a second breakfast, you need to prepare a salad of green vegetables. For dressing, it is better to use olive oil without adding salt to the salad. Greens and vegetables in the salad can be used in turn.

For lunch, you can cook two hundred grams of boiled white chicken meat or the same amount of fish fillet. In addition, a salad of green vegetables.

The first, fourth, seventh and ninth days of the green diet – for lunch, zucchini stewed in olive oil, seasoned with herbs.

As a snack, it is recommended to prepare a vegetable salad or fruit dessert, which can be seasoned with low-fat yogurt.

For dinner, stewed zucchini is cooked. The first, fourth, seventh and ninth days of the green diet – for dinner, two hundred grams of boiled white chicken meat or boiled fish and a vegetable salad.

Before going to bed, you can afford a glass of fat-free kefir or yogurt.

The duration of the diet is ten days. All the food that needs to be consumed in a day is divided into six meals. If hunger is felt between meals, then you can eat a green apple, a few grapes or half a kiwi.

In addition, it is necessary, as with any other diet, to drink as much as possible. The ideal drink for this diet is green tea. This drink normalizes metabolic processes, helps to process fats and removes toxic substances from the body.

Eating green foods is perfect for the inhabitants of our country, although its authors were foreigners. A huge amount of research on the human diet has shown that the ideal foods are those that grow in the climate where the person himself lives. And just all of the listed products grow in Russia.

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