Grape diet

The grape diet not only allows you to lose weight, but also teaches the rules of healthy, low-fat, but very tasty nutrition. The grape diet allows you to lose about two kilograms within four days. Grapes are not only sweet and tasty berries, but also a very healthy product. The use of grapes for food normalizes the work of blood vessels and the heart, removes toxins and toxins from the body, and helps to normalize the functioning of the kidneys and stomach.

Four Day Grape Diet Menu

First day

On breakfast:

Muesli or oatmeal in water with grapes, low-fat yogurt and orange.

Preparation: stir half a cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of oatmeal, ½ orange pulp and half a cup of red grapes. Sprinkle with fried seeds on top.

For lunch:

Pumpkin and grape salad with lean boiled pork.

Preparation: a glass of pumpkin pulp, cut into cubes and slightly stewed in oil. Half a glass of grapes, cut into halves, 100 grams of green salad, cut into strips. Mix everything. Add ¼ glass of vegetable broth to the oil on which the pumpkin pulp was stewed, add table vinegar and mustard. Season salad with this sauce. Sprinkle some walnuts on top.

For dinner:

Fruit salad and chicken breast.

Preparation: half a glass of white grapes, some diced pineapple, mix 1/4 of the papaya, pour over with lemon juice.

Second day

On breakfast:

Low fat yogurt with lemon juice

Preparation: beat a glass of low-fat natural yogurt and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice with a blender or mixer. Fill a glass of grape berries with yogurt.

For lunch:

Shrimp with rice and grapes

Preparation: cook half a glass of long rice, mix with half a glass of grapes. Fry a few medium-sized shrimps in vegetable oil, add spices, mix with rice and grapes.

For dinner:

Stewed vegetables and red grapes

Preparation: Grind three medium potatoes, a carrot, a medium onion and a few celery roots. Put the chopped vegetables in a glass of broth, simmer for fifteen minutes under a closed lid. Add spices and sour cream. Red grapes for dessert.

The third day

On breakfast:

Bread with cheese curd

Preparation: Spread a bun made of rye flour with low-fat cottage cheese. Place the halves of the red grapes on top.

For lunch:

Stewed cabbage with grapes and fish

Preparation: a glass of sauerkraut, a diced onion, stew for ten minutes in olive oil. Then put three hundred grams of fillets of any sea fish and ¼ glass of grapes on the stewed cabbage, stew for another ten minutes, add spices to taste.

For dinner:

Grape jelly

Preparation: pour the gelatin package with boiled cold water, then add a glass of grape juice to the dissolved gelatin. Pour the cut apples and grapes with the resulting mixture, place the container with jelly in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Fourth day

On breakfast:

Sandwich with grapes and cottage cheese

Preparation: sprinkle half the package of low-fat cottage cheese with spices. Spread a slice of black bread with cottage cheese, put grapes on top.

For lunch:

Pancakes with grapes

Preparation: mix three tablespoons of wheat flour, half a glass of water and two chicken eggs, bake a few pancakes. To prepare the filling, mix half the package of low-fat cottage cheese and half a glass of red grapes. You can sprinkle the pancakes with chopped cinnamon.

For dinner:

Vegetables with mushrooms and turkey meat

Preparation: Cut 100 grams of turkey meat into strips and fry a little. Cook half a glass of fresh broccoli in boiling water for three minutes. Grate the carrots on a grater, chop 100 grams of champignons. Put the vegetables in a saucepan, pour a glass of broth, simmer for ten minutes. Add low-fat sour cream and grape berries.

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