Fat diet

The Fat Diet is a dietary plan developed by Polish nutritionist Jan Kwasniewski . During his work in the field of dietetics, Kwasnevsky developed a nutritional system that was designed to be optimal. In addition to losing weight, such an optimal diet can save you from diseases of the cardiovascular system, from barrel diseases, and so on.

First, the fat diet involves eating only in a state of rest and relaxation. All food needs to be chewed properly. Do not watch TV, read or do any other activity while eating. After eating, you need to give the body a little rest. Physical activity should begin no earlier than two hours after eating. Most nutritionists agree with all of these points. But a set of products for a fat diet makes many of Kwasnevsky’s colleagues flinch.

The result of many years of experience of Dr. Kwasnevsky was the conclusion that it is necessary to eat only those foods that are easily digestible and give the body as much energy as possible. Kwasniewski believes that such food products are fats and proteins of animal origin. All other products Kwasnevsky suggests, if not completely exclude from the daily menu, then at least strongly limit. The nutritionist includes vegetables and fruits as prohibited foods. The deficiency of vitamins caused by the rejection of fruits and vegetables, Kwasnevsky suggests to compensate with meat, in particular by-products that many people do not eat, namely the lungs and kidneys, liver and heart. Usually. All diets involve replacing animal fats with vegetable ones. In this matter, Kwasnevsky does not argue with his colleagues, but believes that animal fats are much more useful. Therefore, it is better to prefer lard to olive oil.

According to a nutritionist, it is necessary to eat chicken eggs (at least five pieces a day), meat and lard, offal, fat milk and fatty cheese. Moreover, the higher the fat content of these products, the better for the body.

According to Kwasnevsky , it is permissible in rare cases to add food products that contain a small amount of carbohydrates to the diet. Such products include pasta and potatoes, baked goods. But the use of such products should be very limited – every day you can afford one boiled potato and one slice of bread.

Fat diet menu for one day

For breakfast, you need to eat at least four eggs with bacon or lard, a slice of bread dipped in fat or butter, tea without sugar.

For lunch, we recommend two hundred grams of fatty ham, fried with eggs, one boiled potato, mashed together with the fat from frying meat, and one pickled cucumber.

Kwasniewski believes that this set of products is quite enough for a daily diet, since food is rich in calories.

Another distinctive feature of the fat diet is that it does not imply a clear time for eating – you can eat as soon as you feel hungry. For dinner, you can eat a few cottage cheese pancakes with butter, some unsweetened jelly and a glass of fat sour cream.

The transition to a fat diet is required gradually. After a few days of such nutrition, you can feel a surge of strength and vivacity. In addition, well-being and health returns to normal. And most importantly, after about a month of adhering to a fat diet, body weight is normalized. Fat, following this fat diet, lose weight, thin, on the contrary, gain weight.

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