Express diet

Birthday, wedding, graduation and other events, no less important for our heart, unite all women in their desire to look especially gorgeous on this particular day. And then the most exquisite outfit is found, a beautiful hairstyle and make-up are done. The only thing remains for small – a gorgeous figure. But not everyone visits the fitness club, all the more regularly, and the work schedule and a bunch of household chores do not contribute to proper nutrition. As a result, extra pounds are not long in coming.

So what to do when time is short and you need to lose from 2 to 6 kilograms? Express diet is an effective and quick solution to this problem. There are many options for such diets, both in terms of timing and composition of the menu. It all depends on individual tastes and the body’s tolerance of certain components of the diet. As an example, an express diet can be as follows: on the first day of the diet, all foods are excluded except fruits that can be eaten in any quantity. On the second day of the diet, only raw vegetables are allowed, which can be seasoned with vinegar, mustard, soy sauce. On the third day of the diet, only vegetables and fruits are allowed. On the fourth day of the diet, the menu consists of 5 bananas and 5 glasses of milk. On the fifth day, beef, chicken or fish are already allowed, but not more than 90 grams and vegetables. The sixth day of the diet consists of a steak, no more than 90 grams, and vegetables. The seventh and last day of the diet is carried out in the same way as the sixth. All drinks are replaced with water throughout the week.

Well, the diet has been passed, the extra pounds have been removed. What’s next? And then it is very important to try not to return the extra pounds in a short time, and even with a premium. The express diet slows down the metabolism, as a result of which calories from food are absorbed more slowly and fat is burned. However, the diet ends, and the metabolism does not return to the previous mode of work. As a result, weight gain occurs. Avoid a sharp return of weight can only be a reasonable restriction of food in the first weeks after the end of the diet.

The express diet does not require physical activity, but regular exercise not only speeds up the process of burning fat, but also increases muscle tone. Since most professions involve a sedentary lifestyle, physical activity will have a positive effect on health, appearance, and confidence in your beauty.

The downside to express diets is that they are often discouraged. By limiting the body in the nutrients necessary for its normal functioning, the diet causes severe stress. If this does not take into account the existing chronic diseases and the general condition of the body, then such preparation for the holiday will only contribute to the exacerbation of diseases. Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor before applying such strict diets. Ideally, it is better to consult a specialist who will draw up a diet based on your current health condition and the desired result.

In the tough battle for a slim figure, low-carb diets, consisting of two stages, a weight loss stage and a consolidation stage, can best help. Low-carb diets have been developed for a long time and have already proved themselves. Initially, such diets were used exclusively for medicinal purposes and only later became popular among the general public. Low-carbohydrate diets do not involve severe dietary restrictions and take 2 weeks in the first phase. After the end of the diet, the result is fixed for a long time, which, alas, does not imply express diets. Likewise, low-carb diets, compared to express diets, are not a serious source of stress for the body. Therefore, if you have an extra week in stock, it is better to choose less radical methods of influencing your body.

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