Egg diet

The egg diet has become very fashionable lately. Probably, this was not done without the ubiquitous media, whose habit often includes active advertising of a particular product. Perhaps this happened with the egg diet. Nevertheless, such a diet has its advantages. Firstly, the diet on eggs is accessible to everyone and everyone, since the main product of the diet is chicken eggs, which anyone can afford. In addition, the egg diet assumes the absence of the feeling of hunger that is characteristic of most mono diets. Eggs are a very nutritious product, so the feeling of fullness comes very quickly.

The disadvantages of a diet on eggs is that such a diet, including a large number of eggs, affects the health of the pancreas and kidneys. In this regard, such diet food is contraindicated for people suffering or predisposed to these diseases.

Egg Diet Principles

Chicken eggs, in fact, can be considered a unique food product. They contain all the substances necessary to sustain life. Chicken eggs contain niacin, which is required to provide nutrition to the brain and the secretion of sex hormones. Choline, which is responsible for normal memory and removes toxins from liver tissue. Eggs, among other things, contain a large amount of vitamins – these are A and D, E and B1, B6 and B12. In addition, chicken contains such a rare substance as folic acid and biotin. Compounds such as potassium and calcium, cobalt and zinc, phosphorus and iron, copper and iodine are present in eggs. Drawing a conclusion from all of the above, we can conclude that the diet on eggs, in fact, does not require the inclusion of additional products in the diet, since chicken eggs can provide the human body with everything that is needed.

When eating eggs, the feeling of fullness comes very quickly. At the same time, a person feels washed away during his long time. However, eggs, regardless of how they are cooked, are heavy food for the liver, that is, they are poorly digested. In this regard, even such a holy holiday as Easter can be overshadowed by food poisoning with chicken eggs, since many do not know the measures in their use.

According to nutritionists, the ideal way to cook eggs is to boil soft-boiled. The body needs only a couple of hours to digest such eggs. Although in general, eggs are considered a low-calorie diet food. An egg diet, which involves a diet of eggs and a small amount of fruits and vegetables, is based precisely on the low amount of calories contained in eggs.

Having decided to follow the rules of the diet on eggs, you must strictly follow all these rules. At the same time, changes in the diet cannot be made – it will cease to be effective. If a decision is made to eliminate a product from the diet, it is forbidden to replace it with another.

A diet on eggs makes it possible to throw off about 5-7 kilograms in two weeks. Eat three times a day. It is forbidden to have snacks during breaks and drink natural coffee. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked without oil and salt. Fatty foods are strictly prohibited. If patience is at its limit, and you really want to lose weight, you can diversify the diet with a small piece of dried bread. Start your meal with citrus fruits. Since they have a narrowing effect on the stomach cavity. The vegetable fiber that is part of them will fill the stomach and prevent a person from feeling hungry. Between eating, you can drink unsweetened green tea or mineral water without gas.

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