Eating a strict schedule is more effective than diets

Many people, in an effort to get rid of excess weight, exhaust their body with all kinds of diets designed for periods of different lengths, involving the consumption of certain foods. Meanwhile, experts have long noted that following fast strict diets gives only the appearance of a positive result, since the weight lost after the diet is completed accumulates back at a faster pace.

Scientists from the Biology Research Institute in the United States have found that in terms of weight loss, it is much more effective not to follow any strict diet, but to adjust the diet.

The experiment was carried out on laboratory rodents. As part of the study, experts divided the animals into two groups. Mammals received exactly the same diet during the entire study – the daily calorie content of the diet was the same. However, the animals from the first group had unlimited access to the allocated food products. And the animals from the second group ate according to a strictly established time. After the completion of the experiment, it was found that mice from the second group, eating according to a certain schedule, improved metabolic processes in the body, and also adjusted physiological rhythms. Due to this, the animals practically did not gain weight during the study. Among other things, mice from the experimental group had a more calm disposition.

Thus, experts concluded that uncontrolled eating contributes to the disruption of metabolic processes.

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