Doctors warn against losing weight before the New Year

Before the New Year, anticipating the inevitability of overeating, many people try to get rid of those extra pounds. The beautiful half of humanity is especially active in this regard, who, among other things, wants to look simply amazing during the New Year holidays. But scientists from the University of Michigan in the United States warn that such experiments can be simply dangerous to human health.

Their research has shown that a lack of calories in the cold season can have a very negative impact on human health. Such a diet is harmful even when it contains the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals that a person needs. The thing is that a lack of calories powerfully hits the immune system, as a result of which people can celebrate the New Year in a hospital bed.

This theory has been tested in experiments with laboratory rodents. It turned out that when these animals were transferred to a low-calorie diet, with colds, the likelihood of death increased sharply. Moreover, even those animals that received a sufficient amount of minerals and trace elements necessary for the body were susceptible to this effect.

Therefore, those who go on a diet before the New Year should know that reducing the calorie intake in the cold season by 40% is generally critical, and can cause serious health complications. This is due to the fact that at this time in the body, as a result of a lack of sunlight, physical activity and vitamins, the intensity of antibody production decreases. Therefore, the body is less resistant to virus attacks. At the same time, an increase in the calorie content of the diet helps to at least partially strengthen the immunity against the threat of disease. Therefore, for weight loss, it is best to increase physical activity, which will destroy excess calories and help increase the level of antibodies in the body.

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