Diet to cleanse the body

Diet for cleansing the body is extremely important, as modern man no doubt lives in conditions of extreme environmental pollution, complementing this negative factor with an improper lifestyle and often unhealthy diet. In the process of preparing for a diet to cleanse the body, it is better to immediately stock up on several packages of vitamin C, herbal teas and carrot juice.

The diet for cleansing the body includes three days – on fruits, vegetables and the so-called transition day.

The first day of the diet to cleanse the body on fruit

An excellent start to the day is a fruit salad. It is best to choose a variety of citrus fruits, pineapple and kiwi, fresh apples and red grapes. All fruits should be diced and mixed. A serving of fruit salad is one medium bowl.

Traditional drinks “for a good morning” – coffee and tea – must be replaced with herbal decoctions or still mineral water. If morning is impossible without tea, then you need to add lemon to it, but without sugar and milk.

For lunch, you can take half a small ripe melon, throw out the seeds and stuff it all the same fruit salad. It is very good if there are fresh fig fruits or grapes in the salad. You can drink decoctions of herbs and still mineral water.

A similar fresh fruit salad is served for lunch. You can diversify it a little with some favorite fruits, for example, a pear.

To drink, of course, only tea from herbs and mineral water without gas.

It will seem surprising to many that after such an unloading fruit day it will be difficult to fall asleep, since the stomach is not overloaded with heavy food. If this happens, then before going to bed you can afford to eat one banana and drink a decoction of chamomile. Chamomile helps to calm down, relax and fall asleep quickly.

During the day you need to drink as much non-carbonated mineral water or herbal tea as possible – these drinks perfectly cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. If there was any celebration on the eve, then it is useful to use ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is taken as directed on the package. All these measures quickly remove harmful substances from the body.

The second day of a diet to cleanse the body on vegetables

For breakfast, you should prepare two “dishes”. Fill a glass with carrot juice or tomato juice, sprinkle with salt or spices to taste, place a celery stalk, which, by the way, can also be eaten. In the grill, cook four medium tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add chopped herbs, basil is especially useful.

Drink a decoction of herbs without added sugar.

A serving of vegetable salad per adult. In the salad you can use leafy green lettuce, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, radish and green onion pods, green beans and celery, bell peppers. Sprinkle the vegetable salad to taste with salt, pepper, season with fresh lemon juice or aromatic vinegar.

It is washed down with mineral water without gas or herbal tea.

For lunch, steam cook fresh broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and eggplant, white cabbage and spinach. Sprinkle with pepper and salt. You can add a little grated hard cheese.

You can drink still mineral water, vegetable juices or a decoction of herbs.

Throughout the vegetable day:

Drink allowed drinks as much as possible. Be sure to take a few tablets of vitamin C.

The last day of the diet to cleanse the body

On the third day, in fact, the menu of the first two days is repeated. To this are added products that will help switch from a strictly dietary diet to a familiar regimen.

For breakfast, you can eat fruit salad with low-fat yogurt.

For lunch, a vegetable or fruit salad with a slice of rye bread.

For lunch, a small chicken breast or low-fat marine fish fillet, ste

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