Diet No. 5 – the basics of therapeutic nutrition

Successful treatment of a number of gastrointestinal pathologies is based on a change in the patient’s eating behavior. Depending on the characteristics of the course of the disease, stage of its development and symptomatic manifestation, the attending physician determines the need to abandon some “unhealthy” gastronomic addictions. So, for example, people suffering from gastritis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, cholelithiasis are often prescribed a special food course – diet No. 5 

What are its features? How does this type of restriction differ from other dietary programs?

The development of the concept of therapeutic diets is based on the study of the development of “gastric” diseases. Noting the importance of proper nutrition, the temperature characteristics of dishes, the frequency and volume of servings, experts indicate the most useful combinations of products, as well as acceptable methods of their preparation. The standard diet 5 is designed to eliminate the symptomatic pain manifestations of gastritis, gastric ulcer, liver inflammation.  

Nutrition Basics

In general, this type of diet course does not differ from the general rules of healthy eating: the use of boiled, stewed or baked vegetable dishes (in the form of heat), low-fat meat (poultry, rabbit, fish), dairy products (devoid of fat and acid) is welcome. Allowed to include in the diet stale bakery products (crackers, cookies), egg protein.

The standard daily menu is the use of low-fat cottage cheese with berries, crackers and sweet tea. A choice of allowed protein omelet, biscuit with a minimum amount of oil.

An ideal breakfast is milk-free oatmeal porridge. Lunch and dinner diet 5 includes boiled fish, diet meat in combination with cereal or vegetable side dish. A variety of mashed soups are recognized as useful.  

Acceptable desserts are puddings using sweet varieties of apples, marshmallows, marshmallows, marmalade. The best drinks are called green tea, sweet juices, homemade jelly and stewed fruit.

Basic Culinary Prohibitions

Among the “unhealthy” products of a special therapeutic diet are hot fried, spicy, smoked, salty dishes. It is forbidden to drink strong black tea, coffee, carbonated and alcoholic beverages (including low alcohol). It is also not recommended to prepare mushroom dishes, the use of white cabbage, radishes, onions, spinach, beans, beans.

“Harmful” products of diet 5 are called cream, ice cream, any chocolate desserts, and culinary products with cream. Sauces based on mustard, horseradish and sour berries are not included in a healthy diet. Among the categorical bans include any canned foods (vegetables, fruits, fish, meat), sausages, bacon, egg yolk.  

These gastronomic norms are recognized as generally accepted in the conditions of a healthy lifestyle. They also help to combat severe disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. Regular dieting helps get rid of the manifestations of the inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, liver.

Research in the field of gastroenterology demonstrates the great importance of proper nutrition. Refusal of bad eating habits allows you to maintain the functional abilities of the digestive system, to help the activity of the blood-forming organ. While the abuse of harmful products is fraught with the formation of expressive pathological processes: gastritis, gastric ulcer, liver inflammation.

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